Plumeria Movies started at Ernakulam in 2013 Dec, 12th, by few cinephiles as an online marketing agency for regional films. Now, Plumeria Movies has grown up beyond expectations to be one of the fastest growing and most trusted PR Agencies for Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hollywood movies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Four years of experience in Digital Marketing and post production services including Sound Designing and Video Editing has supported us to pen our mini studio at Ernakulam.

Apart from Movie Publicty, Plumeria Movies offers video production and editing services to all types of businesses.

Our Services

  • Movie Promotion & Digital Marketing
    • Our team includes experienced Film Critics, PROs and Social Media Agencies
    • Social Media, Print Media and TV Channels
    • Promotion Designing
      • We design when, how and where to promote a movie
      • Timing is the most important part of marketing – We take care of that
      • We design and execute the promotion activities via over 80 sub agencies
  • Video Editing
    • Feature Film: Our team consist of editors from Chennai and Kerala with experience in Feature Films, TV Channels and Short Films.
    • Trailer Cut: Our editors have more than 15 film and 20+ ad film experience. To say the least, he is an expert.
    • Ernakulam
  • Sound Designing & Audio Mix
    • With a highly trained and experienced Sound Designer, and the most updated sound system you should expect nothing less than a wonderful output.
    • Ernakulam
  • Poster Designing
    • We have two different teams working for Malayalam and Tamil
  • Interview Floor
    • Small interview floor for you
    • Ernakulam
  • Photoshoot
    • High quality professional photo-shoot
    • Ernakulam, and Bangalore
  • Production Designing
    • This includes budgeting, coordinating with cast and crew and overall marketing process
    • We have coordinated for over 10 feature films which helped to finish the project on time