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I.V Sasi, Filmmaker (1948 – 2017).

Legendary filmmaker I.V Sasi breathed his last on 24/10/2017 at his residence in Chennai. He had directed over 150 films and his filmography is […]

Celebrating 20 Years Of SURIYA!

In 1997, Actor Sivakumar’s elder son Saravanan made his acting debut as Suriya in director Vasanth’s ‘Nerukku Ner’. The critics called it a “terribly […]

How Important Is Promotion To Movies?

The movie making process happens in three stages: pre-production, production (shooting) and post-production. From developing a story that can be made into a film […]

Vijay Sethupathi, THE ACTOR!

Vijay Sethupathi is apparently playing a 96 year old man in his upcoming film titled 96. That is an interesting update and you and […]

Top 10 Punch Dialogues Of Dhanush!

Dhanush K Raja, the name can be used as a synonym for versatility. He is a National Award winning actor, producer, he also writes […]

Then, Now And Forever… Maddy!

When versatility meets good looks, you get R. Madhavan! The first image of Madhavan that comes to your mind may be the chocolaty Karthik […]