Krishnam movie is based on the seemingly impossible true story. The story is unique and interesting. Akshay Krishnan is a college student who is enjoying his life to the fullest. Akshay’s life meets an unexpected incident which turns the life of him and his parents upside down. The rest of the movie shows how Akshay and his parents battle against the fate. There are no words to describe how amazing the true story of Akshay Krishnan really is, and we do not want to give away the entire story here. But how the movie version has come out! Let us look into it.

There are those situations in life you hope never happen to you. How would we behave in such a situation?  How confidence you will be at that time! Krishnam is definitely not a perfect film, but has the moments which work perfectly. Slow and low beginning, but catches up post interval. There are heart touching scenes in the second half, like those scenes which shows Akshay and Balu’s relationship.

It is Akshay Krishnan’s parents, Balakrishnan & Meera, whom the film truly centres around. Saikumar and Shanthi Krishna gave so much depth and beauty to the film in their respective characters as Balu and Meera. Saikumar is an amazing actor, this movie just gives the scope for showcase his talent. What makes the movie so astounding is the believability of the chemistry between them. They allow the film to be much more intimate, and the audience is quickly able to connect with the Balu’s family.

Although, the movie went a little far to show the motivating story, but it is still a beautiful story. Ultimately, this is a touching and heart-warming film. Krishnam is beautiful and really will make you appreciate life and to not take it for granted. The more you allow your mind to work in this film, the more you will get out of it. The climax is an emotional powerhouse.

The fact that it’s based on a true story is a testament of the human spirit and the bond of a family. Overall Krishnam is a good film, with some pacing and scripting issues in the first half. We found ourselves thinking about the movie long after watching it. Recommended.