Photoshoot for Modeling/Fashion/Film

Your photo shoot for Portfolio is the most important photos you will want as an artist. “You only get one chance to make a good first impression” and the first chance is the Portfolio/photos you submit to the production company or director or modeling agency. It is the WOW images that your portfolio needs. The professionals within the film industry will work on the photos and designing for you.

Remember again: Your photos, or portfolio will always go before you. It is the first impression.

What about Portfolio for acting? – The Acting portfolio is not just simply to show that you are attractive – it is to show your ability to portray different characters!

How many photos will make a perfect portfolio? – As a new model six to twelve wow photos is adequate.

Two rules you must remember on the first day-

Rule No. 1: Arrive on time for your photo shoot!
Rule No. 2: Bring your any recent photos.
Rule No. 3: No comic make-up (this is one if you are a fresher)

What to be noted about cloths? Your portfolio is designed to sell you – not the dress you wear. But be sure to have a good mix of colors and styles. Be realistic. Use solid colors.

Important: Avoid running to spend money on costume that you may never wear again.

Packages available? – Packages varies from basic photoshoot to professional portfolio to the Portfolio for Acting, starting from Rs. 4000, Rs. 12500, Rs. 40,000 etc…

Centres for photoshoot? Ernakulam, Bangalore, Thalassery/Kannur

Whether you are a model seeking to build your portfolio or you are just someone seeking to have professional photos taken for fun, you are in. Our low cost packages will meet your needs.

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