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One of the leading PR Agencies for Malayalam and Tamil movies, based in Ernakulam. We provide custom digital services to feature films.



There are many movies which did extremely well in theaters with the help of wide scale online marketing via facebook, twitter and various movie websites. But sadly we cant see much movies making use of these wide scale marketing, instead we see a lot of money being spent on other marketing tricks which fails unless otherwise the movie has such a heavy casting. It is easy in this age to reach cinema fans through facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo etc…

Getting your movie on the internet market is not the main deal, taking it to the real targeted people is most important. Marketing in this generation means spending and spreading the news online. Our marketing team will make sure your movie is being discussed, talked about and shared by huge movie fans around the net.

‘Huge majority of cinema fans read about movies on net than on road and magazines. It’s a proven statistic. We make sure our movie comes everywhere and information about our movie be available for cinema fans. We make sure your movie title comes in the first page of google search, youtube etc…’

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