Must Watch War Movies

We are trying to list the best movies based on war or the premise of war. We would like hear from you too what you think according to you is the best war movie/movies. This must be one of the broadest subject ever.

The Battle of Algiers

1. The Battle of Algiers – This movie does that all which is needed for a great classic in-addition to the intelligent plot which brings that fear or war and terrorism.

Apocalypse Now

2. Apocalypse Now – Coppola’s epic set in Vietnam.

Saving Private Ryan

3. Saving Private Ryan – Spielberg’s Masterpiece. This classic have the best war scenes ever to have been shot. The battle scenes are absolutely terrifying and engaging.

Schindlers List

4. Schindler’s List – Another celluloid classic from Spielberg. This is one of those movies that packs more than just blood.

Santhosh Sivan INAM

5. Inam – Santhosh Sivan’s another great attempt after the ‘Terrorist’. This is one of the rare war films that addresses or points not to a country, but to mankind itself. Beautifully shot and a brilliant subject. This movie travels through a road that is less traveled.

The Bridge

6. Die Brucke / The Bridge: Few German militants in their last possible stand for a bridge as the heavy American troops approach them.

The Steel Helmet, Border and Jarhead are must watches which shows the war in different perspectives like the loneliness that is created. There’s also the incomparable Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia which deserves multiple viewing.

These films might not be the best as my knowledge with the world cinema is limited like everybody. There will be great movies in your country also. Post your favorites, I will redeem myself by watching it.

– combined by John Neeson

Civil Engineer. Music Addict. Choreographer.