and the Oscar for Best Picture goes to…

Oscar 2017 – Oscar is here, here’s our favorites for the Best Picture – We have confusion between Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival and La La Land! What you feel?

Hacksaw Ridge – Gibson delivers. The bloody World War II drama “Hacksaw Ridge” scored with critics and audiences in Venice. Shot in 59 days, Hacksaw Ridge won six Oscar nominations including Picture and Director. The film received a standing ovation lasting nine minutes and 48 seconds at the Venice Film Festival in September 2016. It’s visually stunning, well performed and tells a great, unique, war story. This is undeniably a great movie. One of the best war films of all time.

La La Land – Won seven Golden Globes, more than any other movie ever and not over, La La Land equals record for most Oscar nominations with 14 nominations to tie the record set by “Titanic” and “All About Eve”. La La Land which was shot in 56 days is a dazzling, dizzying, exhilarating experience. The last scene is amazing and brings a tear to the eye. There is a magical quality in the script. I doubt anything will ever come out again like it.

Arrival – Denis Villeneuve’s extraordinarily executed “Arrival” is one hell of a great sci-fi movie in the mold of Stanley Kubrik’s 2001 Odyssy and Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” – Deserves the Eight Nominations which it has received. The movie about life, language and unity has so much things in it that when it ends, and you discuss it for hours. If you knew the winners of Oscars, would you still read this article?

Manchester By the Sea –It’s as good as everyone is saying it is. The film about family and the ties that bind us to our hometown, has humor and emotionally enchanting scenes at the same time it is a profoundly sad film. It is a film with a wave of emotion. The powerful must-see movie with incredible acting by Affleck is the frontrunner for Original Screenplay and the Best Actor, Casey Affleck.

Fences – The film has towering performances from Washington and Viola Davis, and it makes you think, reflect, and feel. Their performances keep us glued to the screen in every scene. Critics Choice, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominee Denzel Washington stars and directs the wonderful screen adaptation of August Wilson’s play about an imperfect inward city patriarch and a man who carries the burden of generations of hardship. Is definitely one of the best of 2016.

Best Picture Nominations:

  • Hacksaw Ridge – Peter Chernin, Theodore Melfi, Donna Gigliotti, Jenno Topping
  • La La Land – Fred Berger, Gary Gilbert, Marc Platt, Jordan Horowitz
  • Manchester by the Sea – Lauren Beck, Matt Damon, Kimberly Steward, Chris Moore, Kevin J. Walsh
  • Arrival – Dan Levine, Shawn Levy, Karen Lunder, David Linde, Aaron Ryder
  • Moonlight – Dede Gardner, Adele Romanski, Jeremy Kleiner
  • Hidden Figures – Peter Chernin, Theodore Melfi, Donna Gigliotti, Jenno Topping
  • Fences – Denzel Washington, Todd Black, Scott Rudin
  • Hell or High Water – Sidney Kimmel, Peter Berg, Julie Yorn, Carla Hacken
  • Lion – Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Angie Fielder

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