Careers in the Tamil Film Industry

Job Opportunities

  1. Assistant Directors (A.D.): Assists or say – supports the director by organizing everything on the shooting set and make them free such burdens, to concentrate on the creative side. Work includes supporting director in filming schedules and organizing the daily order on the shooting set.

Numbers: 4
Qualification: Excellent in written and spoken Tamil. Minimum one short-film directing experience if not in movie as A.D.
Preferred: Tamil typing (computer) or Drawing sketches / story board is an added advantage.

  1. Continuity Coordinator (C.C or A.D.): A.D. maintains the continuity of the shots while the filming. This job includes making notes for the director and also good with DSLR.

Becoming an actor or a director is not the only business or job opportunity in the film industry. There are so many other job opportunities in the industry that you will find exciting and rewarding.

  1. Still Photographer: Excellent in Still Photography. The title explains the role. (* This position will hired by Plumeria Movies, so kindly mail your profile to )
  1. Online-Publicity Agent / Project Coordinator: Job requires you to maintain webpages, blogs, facebook, twitter etc. Should be very good in written English and Tamil. Good knowledge in internet handling and MS Office. Experience in writing blogs preferred.
  2. Freelance Cartoonist (Color/Black & White): Cartoonist for drawing story board.



  • All the positions mentioned above except Online-Publicity Agent, will be for one project ie: 60 to 100 days. We might or might not sign you for the future project and it is completely depending upon your attitude towards the company and your talent.
  • Online-Publicity Agent / Project Coordinator will be assigned at our Production Office @ Chennai. We might or might not continue the contract with you for the future depending upon your attitude towards the company and the output.
  • Joining date for all the profiles mentioned above will be between May 1st and May 15th, 2015.


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