Chengazhi Nambiar, An Upcoming 100 Crore Malayalam Film


Chengazhi Nambiar written and to be directed by Sidhil Subramanian in an upcoming 100 cr Malayalam film. The multilingual historical period movie is based on the life of Chengazhi Nambiar, who fought against Samoothiri in Maamaankam, 1505 AD.

Mamankam festival is an age old festival of Kerala, staged every 12 years and lasting 28 days, during the time of Kulasekharas from the 14th century till 18th century. The venue of the festival was Thirunavaya, on the banks of River Bharathapuzha in Malabar, Northern Kerala in South India. The festival is remembered for the great trade fair associated with it as well as the bloody battles occurred during the festival.

Sidhil Subramanian was a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor in AD films. Apart from him, the movie is expected to have big names from the industry included.



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