Comali (Review): Missed a big chance of becoming a laugh riot epic

Comali Movie Review

Movie starts with a series of advice-scenes, as if the whole movie is based on these advice-topics! That is the main twist. No spoiler. So not mentioning the twist.

What happens to a man who wakes up from coma after 16 years is the crux of the story (I guess). The basic storyline is taken from a Hollywood comedy flick ‘Kickin’ It Old Skool’. The plot points – no caste, love everybody and a coma patient waking up after 16 years – all very good. But it deviates from all these points every now and then. Missed a big chance of a laugh riot epic. Comali is not as good as its promotion materials.

Director Pradeep Ranganathan tries not to miss anything in this world. A lengthy comedy scene, then suddenly preachy scene – then another lengthy comedy scene – then suddenly another preachy scene – another comedy scene – preachy – comedy – preachy comedy – preach comedy.

Comali Kajal jayam Ravi

A table filled with 90s art work. Brick game, few currencies, Parle-G packet, Nataraj box, Trump Cards, and then an old TV. ‘We have done our homework. Come on’. In the 90s portion close-up shots will come whenever there is a 90s art work. Not missed a single thing that they had worked on. Book sticker, wrist watch.

Yogi Babu works big time here, both in comedy and serious scenes. Pradeep Ranganathan deserves a special mention for giving such a character for Yogi Babu. Unlike his usual movies, he comes throughout the film as an important character. Jayam Ravi looks very perfect and also funny in school uniform. Enjoyed those scenes, even though it does not bring any kinda nostalgia. (for nostalgia I will better watch the school portion of Dhanush’s 3 or the Malayalam flick Thanneer Mathan Dinangal) His transformation deserves appreciation. He is good. Himself and Yogi Babu holds the movie together. KS Ravikumar is very good as as MLA Dharmaraj. Sha Raa, RJ Ananthi, and Samyuktha Hegde are very good in their respective characters. Then there is Kajal Aggarwal in a decent character role. She is beautiful. The expression she gives when saying ‘Neeyellaam Doctora chee’! Wow.

Wasted a good opportunity, anyway overall Comali is a one time watchable film. Comedy works here and there, preaches will touch audience now and then. The movie ends with few moral dialogues which makes the audience feel positive about the whole experience. Will do good business. Hope so.

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