Roshan Basheer on Vijay 60, Vijay and Moondru Rasigargal

Roshan Basheer speaks to Varalakshmi on his highly anticipated projects Moondru Rasigargal & Vijay 60, and also about Ilayathalapathi Vijay.

Varalakshmi S.: We couldn’t see you in Malayalam after the blockbuster with Mohanlal (Drishyam)!

Roshan: I did the same character in Tamil version of Drishyam, Papanasam. Since then I am getting good offers from Tamil than Malayalam. It was not planned but happened.

Varalakshmi: How is the response for your Moondru Rasigargal trailer?

Roshan: Very good response and started my next Tamil film too, this time with Vijay in Vijay 60.

Moondru Rasigargal Roshan Basheer Vijay

Varalakshmi: Great. Your character in Moondru Rasigargal is of a Vijay fan right?

Roshan: Yes, the story revolves around three Vijay fans.

Varalakshmi: And you got the chance to act with Vijay immediately. How you feel?

Roshan: I feel I am very lucky. It was unexpected. I never thought such an opportunity will come.

Varalakshmi: How is Actor Ilayathalapathi Vijay in your real life?

Roshan: I am a big fan of Vijay Sir. I catch first day first show of his movie since childhood, that too at a single theatre. I love that celebration. I have imitated him in many stage programs as well.

Varalakshmi: Your participation in Vijay 60?

Roshan: I was there only in one schedule of Vijay 60 till now, next schedule will start soon. It was a song shoot and I am very happy that I am a part of that song and I danced with Vijay Sir.

Varalakshmi: Your interaction with Vijay?

Roshan: Great. That was the first time I am meeting him. It was like dream come true. I talked to him about Moondru Rasigargal. He hugged me and said ‘Thank you brother, thanks a lot. I am very happy’. I was like… flying.

Varalakshmi: Like getting a bumper lottery!

Roshan: Yes. He said, he heard about Moondru Rasigargal, and would like to know more. I informed him that the film (Moondru Rasigargal) is like a tribute to Vijay Sir and have a lot of good things in the film. Then he asked me to inform him if we need any help or assistance from his side for this film. We are planning to have an audio launch at his presence.

Varalakshmi: Next projects?

Roshan: My next is a Telugu film with a big team.

Varalakshmi: Thank you for the short interview and all the best for your upcoming projects.

Roshan: Thank you so much



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