Yashogathe (2016, Kannada) Preview

Yashogathe Kannada Movie

‘Yashogathe’ (Kannada) is a periodical horror film set in the world of pre-independent era directed by Vinod J Raj. The movie follows Thriveni and her family’s fight for survival during trying times. Produced by Hari Sudan Tiwari starring Manasa Joshi, Pavitra Belliappa, Lohit Surya, Tvisha Adappa Tandur. Manasa Joshi, the main lead, is a talented artist who got into lime light with the award winning movies ‘Sarasammana Samadi’ (2012) and ‘HAJ’ (2014).

Synopsis – With the men of the family gone to serve the country, the women are left all by themselves with no security or means of survival. Narayana is a young boy who comes to Thriveni on the pretext of learning music. With his arrival, the family witnesses a number of unusual occurrences. Their life in hiding is an amalgam of fear, isolation and heavily guarded, unspoken secrets. It is soon marked with a number of paranormal events. The attacks from the ruling British coupled with the mystery surrounding the boy, “Yashogathe” is a melee of helplessness and confusion carried forward by a woman’s grit and her undying spirit. (synopsis credit: Moksh Films)

Yashogathe Movie

If you think that all horror films these days are stretched glamorized versions of Manichithrathazhu/Apthamitra or The Conjuring, look no further than this film, Yashogathe, to change your mind, probably. For a glimpse at the movie, check out the theatrical trailer here Trailer

Periodical – Paranormal film! What an unexpected combination that is. It is claimed to be a realistic horror film and it is evident from the trailer also. From trailer, it looks like an unsettling film that slowly builds up the horror. It also just looks extraordinarily well made, with gorgeous set design and sfx. With the unusual atmosphere Yashogathe has potential to be a great time. Yashogathe hits on April 22, 2016. There are enough engaging interesting pieces in place that this is a film I’m keen to check out.

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