10 Must Watch Prithviraj Movies

Ten movies of Prithviraj that you should not miss. Prithviraj is taking his direction debut with Mohanlal starrer Lucifer. So we decided to celebrate this great talent. Movies are selected considering the film itself, or his performance or, ideally, both…

1. Mumbai Police (2013) – Antony Moses is a name you will not forget easily after watching this movie. From the moment of opening credits to the final scene it will hold you. Mumbai Police is a gripping and unique crime drama directed by Roshan Andrews, with great performances by Prithviraj, Jayasuria and Rahman.

2. City of God (2011) – Directed by Lijo Jose Pallissery. It was before ‘Angamaly Diaries’. Must be the most underrated Malayalam movies of all time (along with Kammara Sambavam). The thriller-drama has so much life in it. With its clever plot, excellent acting and expert direction, City Of God is a must watch.

3. Celluloid (2013) – 2013 must be the best year of Prithviraj’s career. Celluloid directed by Kamal is a biopic based on J.C. Daniel, the maker of the first Malayalam film, ‘Vigathakumaran’. Prithviraj grabbed his second Kerala State Award Best Actor Award. A beautiful film about the love of movies and passion. More importantly I will say, this is an IMPORTANT FILM.

4. Thalappaavu (2008) – Is a movie based on Naxal Varghese and Police Constable P. Ramachandran Nair. Another must watch movie of Prithviraj. That was a dream debut by director Madhupal. A little masterpiece. Also a standout performance by Lal.

5. Memories (2013) – A first rate suspense thriller directed by Jeethu Joseph. If you like crime movies in the “Who done it” genre then you will enjoy this well. That interval scene where the lead character chases the killer is one of the most memorable moments of Malayalam cinema. That music, rain, the actors, the rhythm everything was so poetic.

6. Ayaalum Njanum Thammil (2012) – A beautiful drama with more than a few heart touching moments and great performances by Prithviraj and Kalabhavan Mani. This Lal Jose directional is a deep, wonderful, and penetrating film.

7. Vargam (2006) – Stunning performance by Prithviraj. He was just 24 at that time. Inspector Solomon is a perfect example for ‘arrogance of power’. Prithviraj nailed this character. Written and directed by M. Padmakumar. This is a top quality police drama that’s not only tense and exciting but also authentic, and touching.

8. Vasthavam (2006) – Debut film of M. Padmakumar, the director of Joseph. It follows a cunning young man (Balachandran Adiga)’s rise and fall in politics. Prithviraj won his first Best Actor Award for his fantastic performance as Balanchandran Adiga. He captures perfectly Adiga’s unique combination of charm and menace.

9. Classmates (2006) – Ok. 2006 was also a great year for Prithviraj. The lead character attempts suicide on a happy college reunion event. The drama behind the incident is revealed like in Rashomon. Directed by Lal Jose, is a romantic-drama mixed with mystery, a must watch.

10. Veetilekkulla Vazhi (2010) – directed by Dr. Biju was the winner of ‘Best Feature Film in Malayalam’ at the 58th National Film Awards. A hard hitting drama. It is about a doctor who witnessed the death of his wife and son in a bomb attack, has to take care of a terrorist.

Special Mention

Urumi (2011) – directed by Santhosh Sivan is a historical drama, set in early 16th century, with a huge star cast and a massive budget.
Mozhi (2007) – a beautiful romantic comedy starring Prithviraj, Jyothika and Prakash Raj, directed by Radha Mohan.
Indian Rupee (2011) – A cannot-be-missed comedy drama directed by Ranjith.

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