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Plumeria Movies™ started at Ernakulam in 2013 Dec, 12th, by few cinephiles as a digital marketing agency for Tamil and Malayalam films. Now, Plumeria Movies™ has grown up beyond expectations to be one of the most trusted PR Agencies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It’s the growth of our client which supported us to grow as one of the fastest growing advertising companies in Kochi.

Our team consists of experienced media agents, film-critics, writers, and sound designer. We’re connected to the most respected movie reporters. From print, TV, digital and social media we traffic your project to the right audiences. We institute, protect and improve reputations.

WEBSITE – was and is an aim to support and celebrate cinema and books. We do reviews, interviews, and features. What you don’t see here is gossips! What you see is cinema. Everything around cinema.


  • Movie Marketing and Branding
    • Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • TV Channels
  • TV Commercials / Advertisement
    • Ad filmmaking
    • Branding
  • Poster/Graphic Designing
    • Movie Posters
    • Concept Posters
  • Instagram & Facebook
    • Branding through Instagram and Facebook
  • Celebrity Management
    • We take care of your public image through Instagram promotion, Facebook Page promotion, photoshoots, YouTube Videos and Online Medias.

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