36 Vayathinile (Review) – A Good Family Drama To Watch With Family 3.5/5

36 Vayathinile Review

36 Vayathinile is a movie which is much talked about as family audience’s favorite Jyothika’s comeback movie. The movie did justice to the publicity. There is no usual mindless songs, no senseless separate comedy tracks, no over dramatic build-ups and not too much commercialisation for the sake of it. The film travels to the point it wants to reach without any diversion. First half is filled with reasons for the second half, and the second half is the main focus. The film is targeted at urban audience and it will satisfy.

Jyothika’s performance in 36 Vayathinile is her best till date. Very controlled, and looks very simple too. Like the frames of ’36 Vayathinile’, her expressions are also mirror like the original (How Old Are You), ditto same. Anyway, for the audience who has not seen the original, Jyothika is very lovable and have great screen presence which gives high value for the movie. Jyothika in 36 Vayathinile reminds us of Jyothika in Mozhi, but this time she is more matured and more talented. A perfect comeback.

Rahman is convincing in the character though has less scope to perform. Santhosh Narayanan does a good job. Neat and clean background score as was in the original. Visuals are beautiful and editing is crisp. Like the typical Malayalam movies which are more dialogue centric, this movie also reveals story through dialogues and the dialogues translated by Viji shines bright. Roshan Andrews deserves appreciation for his intention to give a good sensible movie with a message.

Jyothika in 36 Vayathinile

What is missing is the much needed nativity. Remake of an upper class Malayalam movie by the same director with the same dialogues and frames effects badly here. Culture and mentality of middle class Kerala family which is shown in the original (How Old Are You) is different from Tamil Nadu. The makers didn’t change the atmosphere at all. Example: Jyothika’s job and her characterization. It looked odd to see the movie and characters portraying government job as a low profile job in a place where people dream of government job.

Leave the small things and the ‘English Vinglish’ side, the film is about ‘using natural vegetables’ instead of ‘chemicals’. Homemade vegetables is so popular in cities and small towns of Kerala like Cochin, Calicut etc and the film simply made many more people to do that. They even get subsidy from government and is making use of it. Hope similar things happen in Chennai, Coimbatore also.

Overall, a good family drama to watch with family. A must watch for Jyothika fans – 3.5/5

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