A scene by Gautham Menon – ‘What is it like without her?’

Kamal Haasan Jyothika

In the enchanting world of Gautham Menon’s films, music emerges as a silent maestro, orchestrating the symphony of emotions that dance across the screen. With a deft blend of stylish narration and the presence of compelling actors, Menon weaves a cinematic tapestry that exudes a timeless, classic aura. His discerning eye for camera movements, framing, lighting, and the harmonious interplay of music elevates each frame to the realm of visual poetry.

Harmonies of Emotion

In the delicate dance of romance within his films, there exists an ineffable beauty. Scenes unfold like a meticulously crafted painting, and the lyrics of the songs become poetic whispers, resonating with the deepest chords of the heart. Take, for instance, a fleeting yet profound moment from the cinematic gem “Vettaiyadu Vilayadu.”

In the hallowed silence of the film, the melody of ‘Megham Megham… thooram pogattum, Pogum podhe thooral podattum’ becomes a serenade to the soul, etching an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience. It is a small, exquisite fragment from Menon’s cinematic canvas, a testament to his mastery in capturing not just stories but the very essence of human emotions.

Kamalani Mukerjee


‘I was married. She passed away. She was just 28. It’s been 8 years’
‘I am really sorry. What was her name?’

There is no sweeping soundtrack here — quiet performance from two actors.

‘I met her at a marriage. I proposed to her immediately’

Cut to ‘Flash Back’ – A drastic change in the tone and the camera movement – happy mood – ‘his first meeting with Kayalvizhi’ – in flashback, camera moves, zooms in and out frequently, unlike the main scene.

‘I love you’

Soon, the pleasant flash back ends – Cuts back to Kamal Haasan

‘Kayal was five months pregnant when she died’ – It’s flawless; emotion, every part of this part works perfectly.

Kamal Haasan

‘What’s it like without her?’

Cut to Kamal Haasan (OS) – bgm starts a split second later – so powerful, that it brings something invisible on screen, plus the actor brings the complete range of emotions and displays the depth of pain he is carrying, with no words.

Cut to Kamal Haasan

‘I shouldn’t have asked. I’m sorry’
‘It’s Ok… Yes. I miss her. It’s been eight years. Mom, dad, work, sister… they keep me going…’

After a moment of silence he continues

‘Time heals everything’ (The music changes here – Special applause to Harris Jayaraj)

He turns to Jyothika

‘Go to sleep. Happily. Don’t worry about anything too much. Everything will be ok in the morning. That’s what I tell myself daily’

Even though he smiles, and says many things in contra this whole portion perfectly shows the weight of the horrific event of his loss on his soul.

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