A script named ‘Open Panna…’ – Part 1

A script named Open Panna

A film maker’s first screening is his narration. And a Good narrator needs a good listener.

One literally becomes a Con Artist when he narrates a script.

Trust me; I have had the weirdest experiences narrating scripts. Thanks to my sense of humor or I would have become a serial killer and a good one too.

Narrating appointments come when you least expect it. A sudden call, even before you answer, a voice orders “Thambi… naalaiku ombadhu manikku herokku kadhai solra”. CUT.

Who is the Hero? Is it nine a.m or p.m? Where should I come? Everything is a secret here in films, except the script. Thanks to Korean movies.

There was this actor who was quite successful in both Telugu and Tamil movies, whose wife was also an actress. I landed an hour before my appointment, standing outside Hero’s residence, flash forwarding my success… bi lingual… Super Hit… remake the same script with Anil Kapoor.

Boom… I was called in… The so called Hero apologized telling that he was too tired and his wife will listen to my narration and went on to tell that she was a good judge of scripts and I immediately accepted.

So I started off… ”OPEN PANNA

Ammaa“ her small girl walked in telling that she needed to poop.

My dear actress excused herself and went on to arrange the potty in the toilet which was straight opposite to me. And she seated herself on a stool opposite to her daughter and looked at me and asked me to continue. For a second my mind went blank… Though I insisted to wait, she nudged me telling that her daughter will also listen.

What the… I am to narrate a script to a Hero’s wife and his small daughter who is sitting on a potty…

Should I leave? How will my producer react who had made me come all the way to Hyderabad? Will I come across as an arrogant guy which will wreck up my film career? All the frustrating days of me trying to meet a hero and narrate a story flashed by…! I narrated the whole script… and the title of my script was BANGAARAM, which means Gold. Any relevancy?

There is this another popular Tamil Director cum hero to whom I was sent to narrate a script. I walked into this New Woodlands, wondering how many legends have stayed there to discuss many classics and here I am. This hero cum director was lying in bed and I “Open Panna

He picked up an incense pack and pulled out an incense stick and started to smell it, and he went on to do the same with all the sticks. And I still wonder whether sticks of the same pack smell differently?

It’s not about audience… but your determination, persistence and your thought “I GOT TO WIN“ makes red carpet roll in front of you.

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