Aanandam (Malayalam) Review

Aanandham Malayalam Movie

In the world of Malayalam cinema, having Vineeth Sreenivasan’s name on the title card is almost a guarantee of quality. This time, he steps into the role of producer, and once again, he hits the bull’s eye, bringing us a film with around thirty new faces.

The narrative begins with an industrial visit by engineering college students. It takes you on a beautiful journey through the nuances of love and friendship in college life. This nostalgic trip transports you back to your golden days, stirring memories of friends, past loves, and the overall charm of college experiences. The characters are relatable and authentic, reminiscent of your own friends, ex-lovers, first loves, capturing the timeless essence of college days.

A Heartwarming Tale of College Love and Friendship

Aanandam Malayalam Movie

The film excels with sparkling chemistry among actors, a rarity in today’s Malayalam cinema. Natural performances from fresh faces are often scarce but stand out here. Anandam is not just stylish and colorful; its characters have vibrant personalities, adding depth to the narrative. The filmmakers expertly crafted the film, allowing the audience to fully immerse in the story without being preoccupied with technical details.

Captivating Chemistry and Colorful Characters: Anandam

The music, particularly the title track, is highly enjoyable and enhances the theatrical experience. Anend C Chandran’s visuals skillfully set the mood for the ‘Happy Days’ portrayed in the film. Anandam can be considered the ‘Happy Days’ of Malayalam cinema.

Towards the end, there are some melodramatic sequences that seamlessly bring the story to a close. If you ever reminisce about college days passing like a fleeting moment, this beautiful film is sure to resonate with you. Anandam exudes an amusing charm and is a delightful watch for audiences of all ages.

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