Aanandam (Malayalam) Review – It is moving and memorable, and a movie to revisit after few years. 3.5/5

Aanandham Malayalam Movie

Have you ever found a bad movie with Vineeth Sreenivasan’s name on the title card! This time he is in the producer’s suit. He once again hits the bull’s eye with a movie with around thirty new faces.

The movie starts and ends with an industrial visit of an Engineering College students. It’s a beautiful journey through love and friendship of college life which will take you back to your golden days. It simply takes you to your own memories and touches your heart. The characters will remind you your friends, you ex lover, you first love and your college time.

Aanandam Malayalam Movie

The film is marked by a sparkling chemistry between actors. It is the most impressive part mainly because nowadays it is literally unbelievable to see natural performance from fresh faces in Malayalam industry. What makes the film so enjoyable is that it is not only stylish and colorful, but all of the characters have very colorful personalities that make the film work. The movie is so well made your not really occupied with that though.

The music is highly enjoyable with its title track works amazingly at theatre. Anend C Chandran’s visuals are perfect for creating the mood of the ‘Happy Days’. Oh yes, ‘Anandam’ is the ‘Happy Days’ of Malayalam cinema. Towards the end, there are some melodramatic sequences but they flow well enough to bring the ending. If you ever felt that the time in college passed like a hand wave from a train that you wanted to be on! Then you will enjoy this beautiful film. The film has an amusing feel to it and is quite nice to watch.

It is compelling, moving and memorable, and a movie to revisit after few years. We recommend.

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