Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada (Music Review) is Annoyingly Addictive – 4.5/5

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada music review: AR Rahman is here again, this time with Gautham Menon. He inspire us, and keep us growing in rough times. He is doing the same again. I don’t know how to start to write the awesomeness of these songs.

Avalum Naanum

Just into his romantic life. The song is more like a lover describing his love in the early stage of love. Lyrics explain it all ‘Aalum Nizhalum Asaivum Nadippum Aniyum Panivum Avalum Naanum’. There is a beautiful feel which comes slowly with this song in repeat hearing. AR Rahman hits the target here with the sweet and sincere tune.

Idhu Naal

If you are in love right now, you will be feeling this. ‘Isai sugam illai endren naan athai aval poi aakinaal’. Some songs are about being in love. How it will be to ride your bike to Munnar after your girl revealing her love to you! Short and sweet. It will never get old.

Manjima Mohan Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada


What was the feeling when you were following your girl waiting for her to feel your love towards her! What were you doing at that time? There was an unexplainable beauty in your heart at those days, right? This song is exactly about those days. ‘Mudhalil yaar solvadhu yaar solvadhu anbai mudhalil yaar eyvadhu yaar eyvadhu ambai’


Electrifying. Rock ’n’ roll. The beat is absolutely catchy. It pumped me up and I also started rapping. The incredible pace is awesome from fast to too fast to too much. The beat is BADASS, and the tune is beautiful. It is a crazy track. His flow in this song is just insane. This song stimulates me more than any other song in recent time. This song is dope. This song gives you goosebumps.

Thalli Pogathey

The combination of a clever chorus hook, Sid Sriram’s yearning voice, Thamarai’s lyrics and Rahman’s dangerous arrangements… gives a song which hits right at our heart. The song is super sexy. It makes us look past the words and delve deeper into the song.

‘Kalaabam polaadum kanavil vaazhgindrene
Kai neeti unnai theendave paarthen
Yen athil thotrean
En mudhal muththam thara thaamatham aaguthu!
Thaamarai veaguthu!’

This album proves precisely why Rahman is the best in the music art now. He is just amazing so is his songs. AR Rahman takes us to another place, an escape from everything else. If you ask whether AR Rahman is at his best here or not, then you need to listen to this album again. He destroys your question. You won’t even think of asking that question even in your wildest dream.

4.5 Rating

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