Director Onyeka Nwelue to bridge Indian and South African

“Agwaetiti Obiuto (Island of Happiness)”. Narrates the reality of happenings in Oguta, an oil producing region in the Imo state of Nigeria. In this film the Director Onyeka Nwelue narrates about the happenings in Oguta through the portrayal of four friends lives. Bugzy Dvinci (Obinna Nwokedi), Willie (Willie Samuel Iboro), Arbenco (Arbenco Aigbe) and Akah (Lorenzo Menakaya). Who liberate themselves from their routine life, convinced from NDDC’s promise to pay Oguta youth’s stipend.

Raw Narration Style: Bringing Authenticity to the Story

The narrative unfolds in a raw form, utilizing spliced scenes and voluntary monologues to enhance its vivid and convincing portrayal.

Onyeka Nwelue: A Cultural Entrepreneur and Filmmaker

Onyeka Nwelue, a cultural entrepreneur, author, professor, and filmmaker hailing from Nigeria, shares a unique connection with India. Serving as an assistant professor at Manipur University in Imphal, he commenced writing his bestselling novel, “The Abyssinian Boy,” during his time in India.

Inspiration Behind “Agwaetiti Obiuto (Island of Happiness)”

Delving into the inspiration behind his work, Nwelue sheds light on Oguta, the setting of the film, and its connection to his personal experiences. The suffering and disconnection of the people in Oguta, Africa, served as the inspiration for both the book and the subsequent film.

Positive Responses: Authenticity Strikes a Chord

The film, “Agwaetiti Obiuto,” has garnered a positive response, resonating with viewers who appreciate its authenticity, rawness, and originality.

Imphal and Oguta: A Striking Resemblance

Reflecting on his experience at Manipur University, Nwelue draws parallels between Imphal and Oguta, highlighting similarities in landscapes, lakes, cuisine, culture, and a sense of disconnection from the rest of the country.


His next film is Umfokazi. It is set in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is about xenophobia. The shoot was completed recently and is progressing with the post production work.

When asked about Indian films, Nwelue retorts, I love Indian Films, I see a lot of Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi films. I am mostly interested in how these regional films operate.

Willing to to do any movie in India ? Onyeka Nwelue, finishes by saying, Yes. My book, The Abyssinian Boy, which is about a South Indian family living in Delhi will be shot in India soon. I am coming there to make it myself and will be cinematographed by Kumar Subramaniyan who is a native of Kerala.

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