An Interview with Director Rahul Ramachandran

The youngest film producer and director of Malayalam Film industry blends in for a comedy thriller – A personal interview with Rahul Ramachandran on Jeem Boom Baa.

Rahul Ramachandran, the director of “Jeem Boom Baa,” traces the origins of his filmmaking dream back to ninth grade. He embarked on this journey with a passion that led to the creation of eighteen short films, including the first mobile-recorded short film in his state. Rahul shares insights into his early practice and nurturing of the dream, uploading these creations on YouTube under the user ID “joker.”

Thiruvananthapuram Roots: Unity in Diversity

Beyond just Rahul Ramachandran’s roots lying in Thiruvananthapuram, the entire technical team of “Jeem Boom Baa” hails from this city. Rahul describes the team as a collective force brought together by nature’s supremacy, a divine blessing that he cherishes.

Youthful Energy: Catalyst for Innovation in Malayalam Film Industry

Witness the emergence of possibly the youngest and most vibrant team in the Malayalam Film Industry. The trio behind this cinematic venture includes the 25-year-old director, Rahul Ramachandran, Sachin V.G., the youngest feature film producer at just 23, and the youthful protagonist, Askar Ali, known for his roles in movies like “Chembarathipoo” and “Kamuki.”

Shared Spirit: Boosting Filmmaking Endeavors

According to Rahul Ramachandran, the youthfulness of the core team provides a significant boost to the filmmaking process. With a shared spirit and wavelength, this dynamic team aims to bring fresh energy to the industry.

Mentorship and Support: R S Vimal and Disney James

Rahul Ramachandran attributes his inspiration and support to R S Vimal, the director of the classic Malayalam film “Ennu Ninte Moideen.” Vimal mentored Rahul during his early struggles and continues to be a guiding figure. Actor Disney James has also played a mentoring role, offering support during different phases of Rahul’s journey.

The Star Cast and Plot: Intriguing Elements

The film boasts a talented cast including Askar Ali, Anju Kurian, Kannan Nayar of “Sexy Durga” fame, and Neha Saxena. The plot revolves around three friends facing significant challenges on New Year’s Eve. The characters include Basil Kanjikuzhi, an aspiring film director, Kunjumon Chacko, a creative yet unrecognized cinematographer, and Rohini, a teacher who tutors actors.

Real-Life Touch: Interview Insights

In a candid interview, Rahul Ramachandran addresses the speculation about the film mirroring his real-life story. While he laughs off the idea, he acknowledges that certain real-life experiences do find their way into the movie, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

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