An interview with the multi talented short film star Kaarthik Shankar

A successful short Film maker, Editor, Music Director, Sound Engineer, and Assistant Director a multi talented personality who has shown his uniqueness with simple yet meaningful twists in his short films. Now all set for his debut feature Film direction.

Kaarthik Shankar retorts, when asked about the dream on Film by saying, the dream of being into Films started from my childhood, I used to participate and win prizes for drama in school level competitions and did my first short film during my graduation days for the colleges film club’s program and received prize unexpectedly then the passion drove me. How was your experience working with Mr.Rajasenan. Working as an Assistant Director to the veteran Director Rajasenan sir was a great blessing for me, I have learned a lot of thing from him, the way I work and coordinate with my team is all inspired from him.

It’s not easy get into the silver screen or even being successful in short film making so did you have a mentor or guide? It was always my parents, both my mother and have always motivated me to stay on track, even if I went lazy or loose my focus they would encourage me, they even made me to resign my job as a sound engineer and supported me to follow my passion, they still continue to do so.

On the response of his successful short film Nammude Swantham Swargam. He feels so overwhelmed with the positive response, especially when he started receiving appreciation from the film industry, and when actor Aju Varghese wished him in person.
What would you like to accomplish in a period of ten to twenty years. Kaarthik Shankar, retorts he want to be a successful Filmmaker whose film would be equally preferred by people of all age groups.

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