Anand V Karyattu on his passion and his debut movie, Kottayam

When asked about his life’s journey until Kottayam. Anand V Karyattu responded, during the initial struggle periods of my career I was a model at Lukmance, a Model Management Company in Cochin, on the go I did multiple print shoots

and attended every possible auditions for several years, and then once it was through my colleague at Lukmance I got to know about Kottayam’s ongoing auditions.

Continued, finally I reached the place of audition and then there was a big que in which people were preparing their scripts for auditions, when I made my mind to leave, then ,one of the participant and later my friends Sreenath K and Janardhanan asked to wait and attend since I have come, then the auditions happened, i was one of the last few left. The Director Binu Bhaskar made me do multiple characters.

Then it happened, all of a sudden he said the shooting will be at multiple places including India, China border and so are you willing for that, I was shocked for a moment and i said yes, then things changed. After Kottayam l acted in Kuttan Pillai De Shivaratri and recently I am assisted a Malayalam movie.

On Kottayam, Kottayam begins on the investigation of a lady constable’s murder and talks about the political and social problems in the society in an interesting manner. The film was officially selected at the Monterey international film festival and Delhi Film Festival now its also selected for IFFK 2018, He ends by saying am always indebted to the Binu Bhaskar for bringing a positive change in my life.

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