Anarkali (Malayalam) Review – Engaging from start to finish

Anarkali Movie Review

It is all about Shanthanu’s love and friendship. Sachy, one of the well known script writer in Malayalam made his debut as director and hits a six. This film isn’t the fastest-paced or most action-packed, nor is it the heaviest on emotional and romantic drama, it’s a good enjoyable entertaining film you and your family will enjoy on big screen. Another hit for Prithviraj.

+ Visuals
+ Music
+ Casting
+ First half
–  Second half could have been better

Prithviraj is running, his market is sky rocketing, his confidence is increasing by each film, and his performances are… matching the highest standards. Prithviraj is one of the fine actors of his generation. Biju Menon is as all the time, excellent. His comedy timing helps the film big time, especially towards the climax. He takes most of applause. The movie really was his, and he held it together beautifully. Priyal Gor, is beautiful and loving. Kabir Bedi is impressive. Then there is Miya George who is beautiful and convincing in the role and the cute Samskruthi Shenoy was impressive in the limited role she got. Performances are generally excellent and sometimes succeed in overcoming some thin characterization.

Anarkali Prithviraj Priyalgor (11)

Technically the film is very well done. Sujith Vasudev’s cinematography captures the scenic beauty of the island, fabulous. Vidyasagar’s music plays the wings of the movie and lifts the movie. The tracks were simply perfect. And the love theme was beautiful and tragic.

Not a perfect film, however, none of this is so distracting enough to ruin the film. Every flaw in the movie is easily overcome by some wonderful scenes and actors.

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