And The Oscar Goes To (Review): For all those who dream cinema. 4/5

And The Oscar Goes To… (review): The man behind ‘Pathemari’ and ‘Adaminte Makan Abu’. ‘And The Oscar Goes To…’ starring Tovino and Anu Sithara got all the hype for this man alone. His name is Salim Ahamed. ‘And The Oscar Goes To…’ has Madhu Ambat handling the camera and Bijibal the music.

The film follows an aspiring filmmaker (Isaak Ibrahem), and his struggles to make his debut movie. Like the promotion caption says, ‘for all those who dream and wake up for cinema’, the movie is for those who love cinema. Salim Ahmad’s “And The Oscar Goes To…” is an ode to cinema, dream and emotions. Just let yourself go and enjoy this celebration of cinema. ‘And The Oscar Goes To…’ is an inspiring film to those who dream to see their name one day on big screen.

Tovino, such a powerhouse performer, has done it again. Even when Isaak Ibrahem (Tovino) smiles we can feel the pain inside him. He makes us feel. He makes us pray for Isaak’s success. Tovino deserves applause. Next is Salim Kumar. He plays an equally great role. No other director has used him like Salim Ahmed. Anu Sithara also does a wonderful job in a character we don’t used to see her.

Tovino Thomas in And The Oscar Goes To

Salim Ahmed and Madhu Ambat’s visuals and framing are stunning. Bijibal’s background music is equally powerful. ‘And The Oscar Goes To…’ is an immaculately directed, honestly-written film. It’s realistic, heartbreaking, and uplifting at the same time. It is a spiritual trip for all those who dream and wake up for cinema. This film has the capability of becoming the most important film in your life. Don’t miss it in theatres. It is one of the most profoundly moving films we have ever watched.


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