Anisuthide Yaako Indu | Lyrics (Mungaru Male) with English Translation

Mungaru Male
Mungaru Male

The beautiful song from Mungaru Male. Checkout the lyrics and English translation of Anisuthide Yaako.
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Anisuthide yaako indu… Neeneyne nannavalindu
Maayadaa lokadinda Nanagaage bandavalindu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathane
Kollu hudugi omme nanna, haage summanay

Some how I am feeling now, are you the one for me?
Are you the one who who has descended from the land of illusion just for me?
Wow… what a good feeling..
Kill me once girl, just like that….

Suriyuva soneyu sooside ninnade parimala
Innyara kanasulu neenu hodare talamala
Poorna chandira rajaa haakida
Ninnaya mogavanu kanda kshanaa…
Naa khaidi neeney seremane
Tabbi nanna appiko omme…. haage summanay

This drizzle is spreading your fragrance,
Your presence in someone else’s dream make me mad
Feel as the full moon has taken leave,
Seeing your beautiful face…..
Ho Girl, am the prisoner, and you are the prison…
Hug me atleast once, just like that…

Tutigala hoovali aadada maathina sihiyide
Manasina putadali kevala ninnade sahiyide
Haneyali bareyada ninna hesara
Hrudayadi naane korediruve
Ninagunte idara kalpane
Nanna hesara kooge omme… haage summanay

There is sweetness in the unspoked words on your lips..
Pages of my heart is filled with you..
I have carved your name in my hearts, even though you are not in my destiny…
Ho Girl, do you have this feeling??
Call my name atleast once, just like that….

Anisuthide yaako indu….
Neeneyney nannavalindu….
Maayadaa lokadinda
Nanagaagi bandavalindu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathaney
Kollu hudugi omme nanna, haage summanay…

Somehow am feeling today
That you are just mine,
Who has come from a magic world
Just came for me…
Wow…what a good feeling is that..
Kill me once dear girl, just like that….

*The translation does not have the soul of the original

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