AR Rahman’s 10 Tamil Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die

Best AR Rahman Tamil songs

Incredible India has given birth to some of the greatest musicians in history, and among them stands AR Rahman. Attempting to compile a list of the top ten songs by the two-time Academy Award winner, two-time Grammy Award winner, BAFTA Award recipient, Golden Globe awardee, holder of four National Film Awards, fifteen Filmfare Awards, and thirteen Filmfare Awards South, seems like an impossible task. How can one individual compose such an extensive catalog of classic songs? Like any other ‘Top 10’ list, it is inherently subjective, reflecting someone’s personal opinion. Nonetheless, it serves as a helpful guide for those unfamiliar with the songs featured on the list.

‘Kadhal Rojave…’ from Roja

This song is a quintessential representation of AR Rahman’s musical prowess, encapsulating a myriad of emotions. Despite its timeless appeal, it might be surprising to learn that this masterpiece dates back to 1992! The sheer captivation lies in its poignant lyrics and exceptionally innovative musical composition. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the most beautiful and enduring pieces of musical genius ever recorded.

 ‘Vaai Illaamal Ponaal Vaarthai Illai Penne
Nee Illaamal Ponaal Vaazhkkai Illai Kanne’

‘Narumugiye…’ from Iruvar

This song epitomizes Rahman at the pinnacle of his artistic brilliance. It’s not just a song; it’s a masterpiece, a work of art that has captivated my obsession for years. The sheer amazingness and uniqueness of it leave me at a loss for words. The song’s development in stages is a testament to Rahman’s genius, creating an experience that you never want to end.

‘Attrai Thingal Annilavil
Netrith Tharala Neervadiya
Kotrappoigai Aadiyaval… Neeyaa!’

‘Thai Manne Vanakkam…’ from Vandematharam

This song possesses an electrifying energy, capable of annihilating boredom and infusing a burst of vitality. Beyond its inspirational essence, Rahman’s voice in this composition is truly mesmerizing. ‘Thai Manne Vanakkam’ holds a distinct place as a very special song, arguably Rahman’s most powerful creation. The sheer impact of listening to this song is unparalleled, inducing major chills and goosebumps without fail.

Thaaye un peyar sollum pothae
Ithayathhil min alai paayumae
Inivarum kaalam ilaignanin kaalam
Un kadal mellisai paadumae

‘Uyire Uyire…’ from Bombay

“Uyire Uyire” is truly amazing and emotionally stirring. The song’s truthful lyrics, coupled with a somber, broken voice delivering them, create a powerful impact. Its simplicity becomes its strength, allowing it to convey a wealth of emotion effortlessly. The song has the potential to impact you from the very first listen, whether you’re inclined towards it or not. Nostalgia, particularly that associated with first love, possesses a unique ability to tug at the heartstrings, and this song captures that sentiment perfectly. Take a moment to listen, and you’ll understand its profound resonance.

‘En Uyir Pogum Ponaalum Thuyarillai Kanne
Atharkaagava Paadinen
Varum Ethirkaalam Un Meedhu Pazhipodum Penne
Atharkaagathaan Vaadinen’

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‘Puthu Vellai Mazhai…’ from Roja

This song boasts a fantastic melody paired with some of the sexiest lyrics ever. Its irresistible allure compels you to listen to it repeatedly. The beat of the song is simply awesome, making it a captivating and infectious tune that you can’t get enough of!

‘Un Pudavai Munthaanai Saainthathil Intha Bhoomi Poo Poothathu
Ithu Kamban Paadaatha Sinthanai Unthan Kaathodu Yaar Sonnathu’

‘Oru Deivam Thantha Poove…’ from Kannathil Muthamittal

The moment Chinmay utters the words ‘Pirantha Udalum Nee Piriyum Uyirum Nee, Maranam Neendra Jananam Nee,’ you can genuinely sense an overwhelming experience taking hold. It’s as if something powerful is captivating you. When this song plays, it should be a legal requirement for everyone listening to close their eyes and sing along. And, of course, let’s not overlook the mesmerizing music video that complements this incredible composition!

‘Oru Theivam Thantha Poove
Kannil Thedal Yenna Thaaye’

‘Mukkala Mukkabala…’ from Kadhalan

This song exudes purity to the extent that it compels anyone to dance on their feet. It’s the kind of song that prompts us to sing along and dance, creating an irresistible urge. The high-pitched portions in the song are unparalleled, taking the listening experience to a level that feels out of this world. The energy in this composition moves perpetually forward, and the flawless arrangements contribute to its undeniable brilliance. Without a doubt, this song is absolutely amazing—a hymn that invites you to sing along and dance!

‘Vaadi En Vannakkili Meenaippol Thullikkudhi
Seivom Oru Kaadhal Veedhi Kaalam Nam Aanaippadi’

‘Ennavale Adi Ennavale…’ from Kadhalan

Every element, from the piano to the composition and the changes, showcases sheer genius. If someone doesn’t appreciate this song, it might be a sign that something is severely amiss. The melody is timeless, and the song itself is deep, heartfelt, and an absolute masterpiece.

‘Naan Vaazhvathum Vidaikondu Povathum
Un Vaarthaiyil Ullathadi’

‘Maargazhi Poove…’ from May Madham

As the day is on the verge of beginning and the sun starts to rise, this song imparts a delightful feel. The perfect harmony between the song’s lyrical essence and the vocal structure is evident. The slow, rhythmic quality is nothing short of genius, and the vocals are truly amazing.

‘Vazhkayil Orupaathi Naan Endru Vasipen
Vazhkayil Marupaathi Naan Endru Rasipen’

‘Evano Oruvan…’ from Alaipayuthey

This song is a masterpiece with fabulous music and an outstanding video. It delves deep into the emotions of the character, encapsulating mystery, beauty, intrigue, and remarkable depth and complexity.

‘Kangalai Varudum Thenisaiyil En Kaalam Kavalai Marandhiruppen
Innisai Mattum Illaiyenraal Naan Enro Enro Irandhiruppen’

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