Are you planning to be a producer! Invest in Cinema.


Are you planning to invest in movies? Tamil or Malayalam or Hindi! Do you want to know how it works? The market risks and return of investment! Plumeria Movies is coordinating and connecting a project to the interested investors/producers and investors/producers to the project. We have connected and made possible more than few big and small projects in Malayalam and Tamil film industry.

If you are interested to produce the movie on the whole as the “Producer” or partially as “Executive Producer” there are many good project awaiting you in Malayalam and Tamil. We reduces the producers’ burden by taking care of controlling the budget to the minimum and casting depending upon the script and the market value. This is the perfect time to invest in movies, as the business of ‘good’ ‘small’ movies are skyrocketing.

How it works!

The producer produces a movie and sells the distributors rights to distributors, sells satellite rights to TV, music rights to music companies, and DVD rights to DVD houses. The distribution rights are sold during production/post production, and they are sold through a bidding system.

For any clarification kindly Call: +917592869886

Projects Available now! ->

  1. One Crore Eighty Lakhs (Rs. 1.80 Cr) Budget: (Language: Malayalam, Stage: Ready to roll – Actor/Actress date confirmed, Project Duration: 5 Months) Movie with a popular actress and three new faces. A fast paced comedy thriller.
  2. Three Crore Twenty Lakhs (Rs. 3.20 Cr) Budget: (Language: Malayalam, Stage: Scripting – Actor date verbally confirmed, Project Duration: 7 Months) A crime-thriller with a popular leading actor.
  3. One Crore Sixty Five Lakhs (Rs. 1.65 Cr) Budget: (Language: Tamil, Stage: Ready to roll – Actor/Actress date confirmed, Project Duration: 6 Months) Movie with a popular actress. A fast paced comedy thriller.
  4. Six Crore fifty Lakhs (Rs. 6.5 Cr) Budget: (Language: Tamil, Status: Script Completed – Actor date verbally confirmed, Project Duration: 7 Months) A neo noir crime movie with a leading actor.
  • The budget here are mentioned including promotion, publicity, and release – that means, this includes everything for the movie production.
  • The projects have experienced people linked in one way or another. Ie: Either Actor/Script Writer/Director/Actress etc…
  • All the projects above have verbal confirmations with the actors, distributors and TV channels.

These projects are looking either for a full producer or an executive producer. For more details or any clarification contact: +917592869886 / +918089338201 or mail to – Ref: Sidharth. Meeting points: Ernakulam, Thalasserry, Bangalore, Chennai

For Appointment: +917592869886


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