Baburaj Asariya’s Muscroft The Saviours is a tale you must watch

Award-Winning Tale: ‘Muscroft The Saviours’

Satyajit Ray’s Best Film Title awardee from last year, “Muscroft The Saviours,” finds its roots in the production house Collective Frames, under the direction of Baburaj Asariya.

A Decade-Long Battle: A Unique Non-Feature Film

The film unravels the remarkable journey of a foreign couple’s decade-long crusade for stray dogs in Kerala. Their motivations and the progress made form the crux of this engaging non-feature film.

Unexpected Turn: A Life-Changing Journey

This dynamic couple had it all—health, wealth, and a happy family—until an unplanned trip to Kerala and two dogs turned their lives upside down. Explore the intriguing tale of “Muscroft The Saviours.”

Real-Life Protagonists: Steve and Mary Muscroft

Distinguishing itself from other non-feature films, “Muscroft The Saviours” features the real-life characters, Steve Muscroft and Mary Muscroft, providing an authentic touch. The film, narrated in a delightful manner, transcends the typical non-feature film genre, delivering a feel-good cinematic experience.

Thematic Protest Song: ‘Voice of the Voiceless’

  • A powerful protest against rising women and child abuse.
  • Features “S Durga” fame Kannan Nayar and singer Franco Simon.
  • Currently in post-production.

Tamil Short Poetic Drama: ‘Yen Uyir Kadhale’

  • An upcoming Tamil short film with a poetic narrative.
  • Part of the projects to be produced under Collective Frames.

Future Plans: Commercial Feature Film

  • Set to delve into the realm of commercial feature films in 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting projects!

The Crew

The team behind “Muscroft: The Saviours” includes Co-producers Sachin Salim and Dr. Jumshi, Executive Producers Suhas Bannur, Anantharamu, and Shabu Sadanandan. Anish Roy takes charge of Cinematography and DI, while the musical notes are orchestrated by TS Vishnu. Sandeep Fradian handles the editing, and Vijaya Sooryan VB contributes to Sound Design. Riju Sagar serves as the Associate Director, Unni Nalanchira as the Chief Associate Camera, and Ajay Sreejayan as the Associate Camera. Jayaprasad J and Cynthia Alex provide subtitles. Stills and PRO work are expertly managed by Suryajith Kattappana. This diverse and talented crew collaborates to bring “Muscroft: The Saviours” to life.

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