Best Malayalam Films of 2014 | Bangalore Days, How Old Are You

Tried to make a list of ten best movies of the year, which I used to do every year, but felt to start & finish the list with Bangalore Days. A completely disappointing year for Malayalam Industry.

The quality of most of the movies which did well at theatres is another thing to be worried about for the goodness of Malayalam Industry. Especially, being an industry who gave many classics to be proud about, in the past. After watching two surprise hits of November and December, I was even more surprised. Definitely not because they are good. Anyway a hit is always needed for any industry. There were few (two or three) good attempts also like Swapanam, Njan Steve Lopez, Njan, Homely Meals and Apothecary. If they had made good returns at box office, it might have brought some changes.

Not many Malayalam movies in recent past including this year tasted success without the touch of comedy. The trend continues.


The business and attention Bangalore Days enjoyed is a welcome news for upcoming makers. Bangalore Days was widely accepted everywhere it released, this includes places where Malayalam-speaking people are very less also. In this generation of world-wide-web, the reach of a good movie that can be enjoyed by everybody is too big. Thattaththin Marayathu, Usthad Hotel and Drishyam placed the foundation, Bangalore Days just traveled through that. It is stupidity to expect a slap-stick comedy or a mass masala movie to get the same attention of the above mentioned movies, even if it is a super-star film.

Ithihasa, which was directed, written  and produced by a completely fresh team, became a surprise box office hit and is a real relief for production houses who are making movies with lesser known actors. Note: The director was a complete fresher who have not worked even as an assistant director. Vellimoonga is another big hit which came as a surprise to everybody. A usual Jayaram’sque movie looked different and fresh with Biju Menon doing the lead role. Prithviraj’s success streak continued with 7th Day and Sapthamasree Thaskara, even though there was a flop also. Nivin Pauly continues to be the lucky-diamond. All the movies he acted are hits and comparatively  good too. And there were two to three big budget movies which are categorized as hits also.

Bangalore Days

Best of 2014

1. Bangalore Days

2. How Old Are You

Two other movies that are good enough for onetime watch are 3. 1983 and 4. Munnariyippu. And if there is one more movie which deserves a mention, then that is 5. Apothecary, for its daring plot, great performances and script.

Note: I am yet to watch Iyobinte Pusthakam and Varsham.

With directors like Anwar Rasheed, Rajesh Pillai, Jijo Jose Pallisery, Jeethu Joseph getting ready with their next, we can expect 2015 to be a far better year for Malayalam Industry.

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