Box Office Buzz: Premalu and Bramayugam

Naslen and Mamitha Baiju

Premalu has amassed a whopping 43 Crores in just 10 days, marking a remarkable achievement at the box office. This romantic comedy, featuring Mamitha Baiju and Naslen, continues to dominate theaters, surpassing expectations even when released alongside Tovino Thomas’ Anweshippin Kandeththuvin. Despite the release of Mammootty’s highly anticipated Bramayugam, Girish AD’s third directorial venture, Premalu, remains steady and continues to attract repeat audiences.

It’s noteworthy that Bramayugam has also received blockbuster reports and is thriving in terms of box office performance. Both films are drawing large crowds with packed shows, while the murder mystery Anweshippin Kandeththuvin is also holding its own with decent business. This period marks a significant milestone for the Malayalam industry, as three different genre films are performing well simultaneously at the box office.

With stellar performances by Mammootty and Arjun Ashokan, the horror thriller film ‘Bramayugam‘ is creating waves at the box office. Day 4 saw close to ₹32 Crore from Kerala alone. Bramayugam is poised to become one of the biggest openers in the Malayalam industry.

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