Charlie (Review): A refreshing film with great performances.

Charlie Malayalam movie Review

Charlie is a romantic comedy movie which stars Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in lead. The movie directed by Martin Prakkatand written by Unni R. Charlie and produced by Martin, Joju George, and Shebin Bekkan, under the banner Finding Cinema.

The movie depicts the love story of the go lucky Charlie and the bold Tessa. Tessa who gets a book with sketches, and we travels with Tessa as she traces the story behind the sketches.


The movie is filled with simple, sweet, romantic, and fun filled moments. Charlie and Tessa might inspire you. Be careful. The film is inspirational, and has a beautiful philosophical angle. Every minute of this life is precious. Do anything good to anybody and feel the happiness it gives to you.

Dulquer is in full form. Parvathy is fabulous. The supporting cast too is flawless, and adds on to make this one of the best movies of the year. The highlight of the film is  top notch visuals & nice performances from every actors. The credit goes to Martin Prakkat. Overall it’s a good movie with awesome soundtrack. Thoroughly engaging and stupendous.

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