Charlie (Review): A refreshing film with great performances.

Charlie Malayalam movie Review

“Charlie” is a delightful romantic comedy featuring Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead roles. Directed by Martin Prakkat and written by Unni R., this film is produced by Martin, Joju George, and Shebin Bekkan under the Finding Cinema banner.

The storyline revolves around the love saga between the carefree Charlie and the confident Tessa. As Tessa discovers a book filled with sketches, the audience embarks on a journey with her, unraveling the captivating story behind the illustrations.


The movie is brimming with delightful, heartwarming, and fun-filled moments that may leave you inspired. However, proceed with caution as it carries a profound philosophical message about the preciousness of every moment in life. Acts of kindness can bring immense joy, and the film beautifully explores this theme.

Dulquer delivers a stellar performance, while Parvathy is simply fabulous. The supporting cast complements the lead actors flawlessly, contributing to making it one of the standout movies of the year. The film’s top-notch visuals and the stellar performances of the entire cast credit Martin Prakkat for his directorial prowess. Overall, it’s a captivating movie with an outstanding soundtrack, offering a thoroughly engaging and stupendous cinematic experience.

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