In Cinema The Word “Luck” Means To Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

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Cinema is actually, to be at the right place at the right time. Many best star nights takes place in a bar named Jil Jil Wines in Valsaravakkam, Chennai. If a script is Okayed by a producer the entire team lands there to celebrate. Same way when a script is rejected by a producer the entire team lands there to mourn. This is not the right place I mentioned earlier.

I came across this guy who I was so confident would be future mix of Gautham Vasudev Menon and Hari (A rare combo) in the above mentioned loc/ day/ Int with special properties.

Very much aware of his good script and his narration skill, I was taken aback to hear that his script was right royally rejected even through the halfway. His confidence balloon shattered, this Gautham Hari was telling me about going back to his village accepting his failure.

He went on to tell how all the producers he had narrated said that his script was nothing but a piece of… (Censored) It suddenly dawned in me the names of the producers he had approached were all of LA LA LA kind of family movie producers, not LA LA LAND producers.

Just like how a good script demands good actors, it also demands a proper producer. It’s like trying to sell ice cream to Eskimos or ordering Lasagna in Jil jil wines. One needs to understand each producer has his own definitions of what is a good or hit script.

The problem is not with our script but to whom we narrate. A simple knowledge about earlier movies of a producer will give us a clear understanding as to whom our script will click. To be at the right producer with the right script is the secret.

I got a call from our Gautham Hari, said he has a small celebration in Accord. Reasons change, location change, but special properties remain same.

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