In Cinema The Word “Luck” Means To Be At The Right Place

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Cinema, often described as being at the right place at the right time, has its unique hotspot for celebrations and lamentations – Jil Jil Wines in Valsaravakkam, Chennai. Whether a script is approved or rejected, this bar witnesses the highs and lows of the filmmaking journey.

Unearthing a Future Gem: A Glimpse of Gautham Hari

In a specific location, on a particular day, I encountered a promising individual whom I envisioned as the future blend of Gautham Vasudev Menon and Hari – a rare combination. This encounter took place during a unique interaction, surrounded by special properties.

Script Rejection and Confidence Shattered: The Gautham Hari Saga

To my surprise, this individual, endowed with a compelling script and adept narration skills, faced the harsh reality of his script being outright rejected midway. Devastated, the once-confident Gautham Hari contemplated returning to his village, acknowledging his failure.

Producer Predicament: Aligning Scripts with the Right Producers

The revelation unfolded as Gautham Hari shared the producers’ feedback, describing his script as nothing short of a piece of… (censored). It struck me that the producers approached belonged to the “LA LA LA” kind, emphasizing family-oriented movies, not the avant-garde “LA LA LAND” producers.

The Producer-Script Symbiosis: A Crucial Connection

Much like a good script requires talented actors, it equally demands the right producer. It’s akin to selling ice cream to Eskimos or ordering Lasagna in Jil Jil Wines. Understanding a producer’s filmography provides insight into what constitutes a good or hit script for them.

The Key Insight: Right Producer for the Right Script

The predicament doesn’t lie in the script but in choosing the right audience – the producer. Having an understanding of a producer’s cinematic preferences ensures that the script resonates with the intended recipient. To be at the right producer with the right script remains the secret sauce.

Accord Celebrations: Changing Reasons, Same Special Properties

Gautham Hari extended an invitation for a small celebration at Accord. While locations and reasons may change, the essence of special properties remains a constant in the ever-evolving cinematic journey.

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