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CIA Malayalam Movie Review

The narrative of the film opens with political chaos in Pala and concludes with a stylish hero introduction, complemented by a dubstep remix of the iconic song “Balikudeerangale.” This sequence proves to be more than enough to energize fans. “Comrade In America,” aka CIA, stands as Amal Neerad’s best work since “Big B” (excluding “Iyobinte Pusthakam”) in the commercial zone.

The first half of the film revolves around the protagonist Aji Mathew and his world in Kerala, while the second half unfolds his journey to America for love. Although not an intense romantic drama, the film is filled with fun moments and clever jokes about Kerala politics. Aji’s character and his perspective on situations make the story engaging. “CIA” is not just a hard-hitting romantic drama but an enjoyable take on a man’s life, ideologies, and the lengths he would go for love.

Known for his stylish filmmaking, Amal Neerad delivers some great moments in “CIA.” The screenplay, crafted by Shibin Francis, moves smoothly without boring scenes, and the dialogues are impactful. Cinematography by Renadive captures both Kerala and foreign locations beautifully, reflecting Amal Neerad’s touch as an ace cinematographer throughout.

Comrade In America (CIA): A Cinematic Blend of Romance, Politics, and Dulquer Salmaan’s Charisma

While the songs by Gopi Sundar sound usual, the background score stands out. Praveen Prabhakar’s cuts are neat, and art director Prathap Raveendran’s work adds perfection to the film’s making. Although the fights are perfectly placed, the stunt moves by Anl Arasu lack innovation. A drawback is the use of normal Tamil by John Vijay, whose character is Sri Lankan, missing the opportunity to incorporate Sri Lankan Tamil.

Performance-wise, Dulquer Salmaan flawlessly embodies Aji Mathew, delivering dialogue with finesse in the Pala slang. His charismatic performance steals the show, bringing liveliness to the character. Debutante Karthika Muralidharan performs well, while Chandini Sreedharan and Siddhique deliver commendable performances. Soubin Shahir draws smiles, and John Vijay impresses in his role. Dileesh Pothan’s hilarious performance adds heartfelt laughter.

“Comrade In America” is an engaging film that will surely delight Dulquer Salmaan fans. It offers light, enjoyable notes for youngsters, touching on the peripherals of immigration issues in the United States without delving too deep. The film is a simple entertainer with a polished production, making it a good choice for the holiday season.

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