‘Court’ Is India’s Entry to Oscars

Court Movie Review

Chaitanya Tamhane wrote and directed “Court” (Marathi, 2014), a courtroom drama that explores the Indian legal system during the trial of an aging folk singer in a Mumbai lower court. The script centers on Kamble, an aging political activist whose folk songs are held responsible for inspiring a sewage worker to take his own life. The lawyer, Vinay Vora, navigates through multiple court hearings, with the public prosecutor invoking various outdated laws to accuse Narayan Kamble of breaking them.

Judge ‘Your case will not be heard today’

Lady ‘Why Sir?’

Judge ‘You have come wearing a sleeveless top to the court. This is against the code of conduct in court.’

Provoking Thought on Legal System and Closed Mindsets

Every scene in the movie unfolds with a minimal number of shots, either a long static shot or two different shots with varying angles. It may seem odd initially, but it convincingly complements the powerful script presented. Within a few moments of the film, it grabs your attention inside the court, touching your soul effortlessly without resorting to any gimmicks. While it appears like a set of real-life incidents, it is, in fact, a work of fiction, earning applause for its makers.

The script not only follows the proceedings of the case but also delves into the lives of all major characters involved. After each hearing, it transitions to one of the character’s lives outside the court. There are also a few memorable transitions, such as a scene ending with a huge applause for a stage drama in an auditorium, followed by a complete silent shot inside the court in the next scene.

Beyond the Mentioned: A Movie of Deeper Significance

The movie urges viewers to question the Indian legal system and lays bare the closed mindset of a few. It sparks meaningful dialogue, prompting the audience to contemplate various issues beyond what is mentioned here. This film, a must-watch, deserves all the respect it has earned.

‘Court’ Is India’s Entry to Oscars.

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