Crossroad (Review): A story book that has something for every kind of viewer

Crossroad is an anthology of 10 films on the lives of 10 women. The short feature films of 15 minutes each look at life from the varied perspectives of these women. Like the name of the movie suggests, the film delves into important moments in the lives of a bunch of women and how they deal with these situations. Ten completely disconnected stories, they which are trials and tribulations that happen in protagonists lives.

After the Malayalam anthology movies Kerala Cafe, 5 Sundarikal and Aana Mayil Ottakam, 10 filmmakers are getting ready with a portmanteau movie that celebrates womanhood. Lenin Rajendran, Madhupal, Sashi Paravoor, Albert, Avira Rebecca, Pradeep Nair, Nemom Pushparaj, Ashok R Nath, Babu Thiruvalla and debutant Nayana Suryan, has directed movies in Crossroad. Meanwhile, the movie has Mamta Mohandas, Isha Talwar, Padmapriya, Srinda Arhaan, Mythili, Priyanka Nair, Richa Panai, Punnaseri Kanchana, Manasa and Anjana Chandran played the lead roles.

The anthology starts with Oru Ratriyude Kooli, directed by Madhupal, which introduces a sex worker called Seema and her desire to be a mother. Dilemmas of Devi, a widow of a soldier, are portrayed by Priyanka Nair in the next one titled Kaval directed by Nemom Pushparaj. A woman photographer’s love for the wild is the theme in Pakshikalude Manam directed by debutant Nayana Suryan. Actress Mythili returns to Mollywood through the film in the role of the shutterbug. Actor Vijay Babu supports her in the film as a control freak husband.


The first half is relatively lukewarm but the second has heart-warming stories of womanhood. Mudra directed by Albert introduces Gaya Parameshwaran, a celebrated classical dancer (Isha Talwar) and how she empowers her friend Padmavathi (Anjali Nair). Lake House directed by Sashi Paravoor traces the memories of young airhostess (Richa Panai) and how she deals with the untimely death of her husband (Rahul Madhav). The anthology is like a story book that has something for every kind of viewer. If one disappoints, there is always another to make up.

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