Dear Comrade (Feelings) – This is not a review. This is feelings.

Dear Comrade is a deeply romantic movie. This film got me. Dear Comrade. It brought back memories. I got lost in the story, and forgot what was going on in the outside world. Alaipayuthey, Premam (Malayalam), 96, OK Kanmani, Vaaranam Aayiram, La La Land and Bangalore Days (Malayalam). There is a beauty in these films. An unexplainable charm. Dear Comrade is one such film.

In the scene where Bobby proposes Lilly the second time, while talking, he pulls Lilly closer to him. OMG. Did you notice that? Her eyes! You must go and watch the movie at least for this scene.

So many moments in this movie will hug your heart. The scenes between Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna are an absolute treat to watch. Their chemistry makes the film livelier. Both giving arguably their best performances to date.

Bobby “Let me be your comrade”
A smile on Lilly’s face.
Song “Kadalalle Veche Kanule” starts here.
The rain.
Their first hug.
Song continues “Viraham Pongele, Hrudhayam Oogele”.
Their first kiss.

The movie is studded with such beautiful moments.
Here is a hero who supports heroine. Here is a hero who wants the heroine to reach her dream. A hero who inspires the heroine to react when needed. A hero who wants the heroine to fight back. Even in the climax scene, hero does the same. The characters are very likeable. They do have fights, they do have disagreements, they walk through bittersweet moments. Above all, they have love. The best thing about this movie is the depth of the plot and the actors playing their characters. Beautiful songs. Wonderful actors, and a lot of memorable moments. Dear Comrade has everything that is needed for a truly great love story.

There is a social issue and message discussion as well (like most of the movies releasing now). The makers made us fall in love with the characters, then the ‘issue’, then made us want the characters to react, then the ‘reaction’. Wonderful way to convey a message. Audience should connect with the characters or events before the message is preached. This is something most of the message-preaching movies/makers misses. It is perfectly done. We are in love with the characters. We dont want them to be in trouble. We want them to win. We want them to fight back.

All credit to Bharat Kamma and his team for giving us this gem. He proves himself as a strong director, and Rashmika is a revelation. Vijay Deverakonda is fabulous. Vijay is definitely someone to lookout for years to come! Justin Prabhakaran’s songs and RR are perfect. And the movie is visually stunning as well. I came out of the cinema wanting to go back in again and watch the movie all over again. If you haven’t seen this film yet, be sure to see it.

4 Rating

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