Diary (Review): A pretty clever supernatural thriller | 3.5/5

Diary Review Tamil Movie

Arulnithi is one actor who knows his strength and weaknesses well. His selection of movies are quite impressive right from his career beginning. “Diary” is yet another thriller from Arulnithi, and he hits the right spot again.

We are directly taken to the mood in the first scene itself. “Diary” starts with a car accident of a couple at a hairpin drive. This part successfully set the tone for the entire movie. Followed by the title sequence. “Diary” has a mystery, and a supernatural setting. Varadhan (Arulnithi), a newly joint cop, takes a 16 year old cold case, about a honeymoon couple who were murdered in a resort. During investigation he happens board a bus. A major part of the movie happens this bus.

“Diary” is well crafted. Aravinnd Singh’s cinematography is perfect. It creates a freaky atmosphere. Ron Ethan Yohann’s music adds to the atmosphere. Sound effects are chilling in spots. They together did a great job of building suspense and atmosphere.

Arulnithi makes an excellent leading man even though the material doesn’t give him a great deal to deal with. He is becoming a dependable star in this genre. This is not the first time he is touching this genre. There are elements in this film that is similar to that of his own movie “Demonte Colony” directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu.

On the downside, night effects Di could have been better and same with VFX. Could have reduced some silly filler dialogues in the name of comedy. Sometimes it worked and most of the time it didn’t.

It started off quite well but after half an hour it went bit downhill as if they are losing the grip. But the pretty dense and intriguing final hour covers all the flaws, and makes it worth your attention. The plot is a bit convoluted, and have multiple tracks and many characters, still it is trippy enough to make you invested in the subject. The twists and turns are enjoyable. It succeeds very well in this way. Just loved the interval bang.

Even though the premise of this film isn’t entirely original, it actually has a kind of refreshing personality. It’s best to go into this movie with little knowledge. Simply pick up the movie and let it take you by surprise. “Diary” is a supernatural thriller with every ingredient you could ever want for a great movie-experience in the genre. Overall, “Diary” is a pretty clever supernatural thriller. This is an extremely solid debut from Innasi Pandiyan. Very skill-fully done and keeps you interested till the end.

3.5 Rating

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