Diary (Review): A pretty clever supernatural thriller | 3.5/5

Diary Review Tamil Movie

Arulnithi, known for his discerning choices in cinema, once again proves his mettle in the thriller genre with “Diary.” From the outset of his career, Arulnithi has displayed a keen understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, and “Diary” is a testament to his impressive selection of projects.

The film wastes no time in immersing viewers into its mood, opening with a gripping car accident at a hairpin bend. This sets the tone for the entire movie, with a mysterious and supernatural ambiance. Varadhan (Arulnithi), a newly appointed cop, revisits a 16-year-old cold case involving the murder of a honeymoon couple in a resort. The investigation leads him onto a bus, and a significant portion of the film unfolds within this setting.

Arulnithi Shines Again in the Gripping Thriller “Diary”

Crafted with precision, “Diary” benefits from Aravinnd Singh’s impeccable cinematography, creating a chilling atmosphere. Ron Ethan Yohann’s musical score enhances the suspense, while the sound effects contribute to the eerie ambiance. Together, they successfully build an environment that keeps the audience on edge.

Arulnithi delivers an excellent performance as the leading man, showcasing his reliability in the thriller genre. While the material may not offer groundbreaking elements, Arulnithi’s portrayal elevates the film. His familiarity with the genre is evident, reminiscent of his earlier work in “Demonte Colony,” directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu.

Despite its strengths, “Diary” has room for improvement in its night effects and VFX, and some filler dialogues could be trimmed for a more streamlined experience. The film experiences a slight dip after the initial half-hour but rebounds with a dense and intriguing final hour that compensates for any flaws.

The Atmosphere and Cinematic Elements that Define “Diary”

Although the plot may seem convoluted with multiple tracks and characters, the film’s trippy narrative captivates and keeps viewers invested. The twists and turns, particularly the interval sequence, add to the overall enjoyment. While the premise may not be entirely original, “Diary” brings a refreshing personality to the supernatural thriller genre.

To fully savor the experience, it’s recommended to approach “Diary” with minimal prior knowledge, allowing the film to take you on an unexpected journey. With every ingredient for a great movie experience in the genre, “Diary” stands as a clever and skillfully executed supernatural thriller. In his directorial debut, Innasi Pandiyan delivers a solid and engaging film that holds the audience’s interest until the end.

3.5 Rating

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