Ever Noticed This In Baahubali?!

A good movie lingers for days, a great movie haunts for weeks, and an epic movie stays with you for life. Baahubali: The Conclusion undeniably falls into the epic category, remaining vivid in our thoughts over 80 days post-release. Exploring the brilliance in the interval blocks of Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion, we find mesmerizing moments and connecting elements that weave a captivating narrative. The essence of both interval blocks centers around the hero, Amarendra Baahubali.

Unveiling the Heroic Journey

From Devasena’s imprisonment and longing for her son’s rescue to Shivudu’s arrival in Maahishmathi, the heroism of Amarendra Baahubali is gradually revealed. The impact he had on the people, depicted through the chanting of his name, showcases his enduring legacy. The visual contrast between Bhallaladeva’s inferiority and the towering statue of Baahubali sets the stage for a powerful INTERMISSION.

The Impactful Interval Sequence

If your chest didn’t swell with pride during Baahubali: The Conclusion’s interval, consider consulting a doctor. The citizens of Maahishmathi and the audience rejoiced when Sivagami Devi declared Baahubali as the next king at the end of part one. Bhallaladeva’s coronation started with disbelief and grief as we all wished Baahu to take the throne. Both Bhalla and Baahu took oaths as king and commander-in-chief, but the atmosphere shifted dramatically when the people started chanting for Baahubali.

Heading 2: History Repeating Itself: Interval Blocks’ Comparison

Comparing the interval sequences, history repeats itself in Baahubali’s saga. Bhallaladeva’s aspiration for power, crowned as king, turned into a feeling of defeat due to Baahu’s overwhelming popularity. The assassination plot followed, leading to Baahubali’s death and the overshadowing of Bhalla’s greatness by Baahubali’s legacy. The essence of both interval scenes remains the same, showcasing Bhallaladeva’s shattered self-esteem.

Rajamouli sir and Vijayendraprasad sir, Salute!

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