Ever Noticed This In Baahubali?!

A good movie will linger in your mind for few days, a great movie will haunt you for few weeks and an epic movie will stay with you for the rest of your life! There is no second thought on claiming the Baahubali saga as an epic. It’s over 80 days since the release of Baahubali, The Conclusion and I’m sure that it has not disappeared from your thoughts.

Before the film’s release, all of us wanted to somehow watch it and know what happened as the story proceeded but once it was seen and done, we would have wished to have more of the Maahishmathi tales. There were many mesmerizing moments throughout both the films and there were many connecting elements from The Beginning to The Conclusion. Today we are looking at how brilliantly connected are the interval blocks of Baahubali The Beginning and Baahubali The Conclusion.

The essence of both the interval blocks are the same!

Ultimately the hero of the story is Amarendra Baahubali. In the beginning we see Devasena imprisoned for choosing Baahubali over Bhallaladeva and she is waiting for her son, who is believed to be dead, to come and rescue her and so on. We understand there was an elder Baahubali but the viewers get the first strong impression is when Shivudu reaches Maahishmathi on the occasion of the king, Bhallaladeva’s birthday.

Earlier Bhalla had mocked Devasena by telling her that nobody remembers your husband now and a few scenes later we see the entire crowd chanting his name. The first thing we understand is that this man was a very special person, the people loved him and still loves him and he had such a strong impact on the people that even his name can give them energy. Now the breaking shot, we see Bhallaladeva feeling inferior to Baahubali and this inferiority is visualized as a bigger statue of Baahubali appearing behind Bhalla’s 100 feet tall gold statue. INTERMISSION.

“Amarendra Baahubali anu nenu…”

“Baahubali! Baahubali! Baahubali!”

Consider consulting a doctor if your chest didn’t puff up with pride during the interval sequence of Baahubali The Conclusion. The citizens of Maahishmathi and the audience were equally happy when Sivagami Devi declared Baahubali as the next king at the end of part one. So, obviously Bhallaladeva’s coronation scene started with some disbelief and a lot of grief as all of us wished Baahu to take up the throne. Both Bhalla and Baahu starts taking their oaths as the king and the commander-in-chief respectively. But scenario changed completely when the people started the Baahubali chant.

The vibration almost shook the theater seats. It was Bhallaladeva’s big moment, the dream that he always wished to come true and he has ascended the throne but still Baahubali proves to be greater than him. Things start trembling and falling down, the pressure breaks the king’s umbrella and Baahubali catches it before it hurts Bhallaladeva and holds it over him. Bhalla glances at this man, who is his brother, his rival, the one who he hates the most with envy, anger and a kind of killing instinct in his eyes. Baahubali stands fiercely beside Bhalla. INTERMISSION.

Now if we put the second part’s interval first and first part’s next, we literally see history repeating itself! Bhallaladeva had only wished power, being crowned as the king was the victory he dreamt for but Baahu’s popularity made him feel like a loser. He thought killing Baahubali will be the solution and he cleverly planned the assassination. Baahubali got killed, his wife is in Bhalla’s hostage, he believed to have killed Baahubali’s son too. Years later when the king is placing his giant statue, made in pure gold, as a symbol of the king’s greatness, Baahubali’s popularity overshadows again!

What a way to glorify a hero! So, Bhalla is going through the same feeling in both the interval blocks. In both the sequences, it is not Baahubali or any other main character who is claiming him to be great but it is the people. As audience, we go from the statue scene to the coronation scene, the statue scene gives us a glimpse of what Amarendra Baahubali was to the people of Maahishmathi and the coronation scene shows what made Bhalla take the decision to kill Baahubali. The essence of both the scenes are the same and destruction of poor Bhallaladeva’s self esteem is the same!

Rajamouli sir and Vijayendraprasad sir, Salute!

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