Few Malayalam Films Which Can Be Remade Into Tamil Cinema

Prithviraj and Rahman Malayalam Actor in Mumbai Police

With the previous decade (2010-2020) seeing a fresh blend of talent and commercial mix in Malayalam Cinema, the Indian Celluloid has started to look and introspect into it which has made other language industries in India to remake some of the films into theirs. Although Malayalam cinema uses its local geography as a main element in most of its films other Industry people are not having any Inhibitions in remaking them the only reason for this is ‘The more local you are the more international you become’.

When Hindi mainstream Cinema is spending lavishly to make films and Tamil Cinema is still struggling to do films combined with stars. Malayalam Cinema has opposed both, it makes films with stars combined and also avoids unwanted budget. Most importantly it avoids the meaningless glamour of mainstream Telugu cinema. So with this I am going to discuss the best Malayalam films which can be remade into Tamil cinema but I have a thumb rule for this article where I am going to speak only about films which are not so popular among other state audience.


Starring Dulquer, Unni Mkundan and Namitha Pramod. This film promises you a mix of reality and Commercial shot divisioning this film uses the evergreen mantra of one on one that is a battle between two friends who know each other really well and a girl in between them on hearing this everyone might think this as a same old story but the back story connecting to this one and the reason behind the egoistic clash between 2 friends makes this more Interesting Lal Jose sets his trademark film making even in this drama. Vikram and Adityan will entertain you.

Oru Vadakkan Selfie

Generally when you try to remake a Malayalam film which released after 2010 you can’t skip the feelgood drama genre, one such lighthearted funny film is Oru Vadakkan Selfie after seeing Nivin Pauly as a rugged bearded guy in Premam I googled about his other good films in which I found this drama. The song ‘Kaikottum Kanditilla’ will portray the funny highschool character which can be easily related to lakhs of highschool boys. The highlight of this film is that a guy who has no seriousness in his life gets embroiled in a trap unknowingly because of taking a selfie with the girl on whom he has a crush. Nivin as Vinod makes fun and will ensure you sit before the screen for 2 hours.

Thondimuthalum driksakshiyum

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Often when we think about Fahad Fazil and his face we will try to rope him in an urban clad white collared role and Fahad is famous for breaking these kinds of stereotypes one such role which he played flawlessly is the role of a chain snatcher in this comedy drama. Especially the scene in which he fights in the forest with his hand cuffed along with Sooraj Venjaramoodu in the pre climax was so natural and nothing was overdone. The tale of 2 situations is this.

Mumbai Police Poster

Mumbai Police

Not to forget Prithvi although he is an actor who came to stardom in the previous decade when compared to the above mentioned actors the versatility which he shows in selecting scripts are really fabulous one such masterpiece is Mumbai police everybody knows Roshan Andrews for ‘How Old Are You’ but this film one of the good IMDB rated Malayalam films of the last decade. A memory loss patient who is also a Cop tries to memorize the details of a case for which he only knows the answer is a one line in which you may think that this one line itself tells you the story but that is not the case here everything unfolds in a decently paced screenplay.

The highlight is that again over here Prithviraj is natural as Antony Moses. If Vijay Sethupathi essays this in Tamil, It can do wonders because unlike other straight forward cop charecters this guys is grey shaded.

Nivin Pauly's 1983


Over the years Indian cinema has produced so many sports dramas in which many won’t connect you with the reality of life but this piece on the screen really makes you feel a wave of life connected through a sport. The film is an emotion which can be portrayed in any geography. Most importantly it shows the love of a father for his son in a subtle way. Light hearted yet emotional and feel good sports drama is a difficult equation to derive.

All the above mentioned protagonists convey a slice of life in an emotional and craft mixed correlation. Which is easy to say but difficult to understand and made?

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