Gone Girl – A Riveting Masterpiece

Gone Girl Review
Gone Girl

There are very few films that captivate the audience these days. I cannot recall the last time when I saw a movie that was so thrilling right from the beginning to the very end. Gone Girl is a scintillating film that deserves a watch not only for its engaging screenplay but also its brilliant direction. David Fincher, who is best known as the director of The Fight Club, has completely outdone himself in what can be considered arguably his greatest film to date. Although the film is superior in every department whether it is acting, direction, camerawork, screenplay it is the story that gives the film its superior edge. At a time when Hollywood relies heavily on computer graphics and 3D effects to pull audiences to the theatres Fincher resorts back to the classic art of story telling. Gone Girl’s author Gillian Flynn deserves a lot of credit for coming up with a gripping storyline that keeps the audiences as the edge of their seats. Gone Girl’s basic plot is about the events that take place prior to and after the disappearance of a man’s wife. While it would be too tempting to give away the full storyline, I feel the audiences deserve to watch it completely fresh.

Gone Girl starts of as a regular investigation film but as the film progresses it gets highly unpredictable and brings in interesting twists and turns which finally result in a shocking climax. Investigation/Psychological thrillers are a rare genre in 2014 so Fincher should be commended for attempting a experimental psychological investigation thriller that is both unique and entertaining.The cast has done aexcellent job and Rosemund Pike deserves a special mention for giving an outstanding performance in the film as Amazing Amy. Rosemund Pike shows her versatility as an actress and brings out what can be considered to be one of the best characters in a film. Ben Affleck’s role as Nick Dunne doesn’t offer anything special for the audiences but does sync well with the overall screenplay. Tyler Perry also has a interesting role in the film as a smart lawyer with a good sense of humour and he lightens up the film when the film gets intense.

With Gone Girl, Fincher proves that he is a modern day Alfred Hitchcock by presenting us with what will be considered as a cult classic in the years to come. There are films that are entertaining and then there are films that are thrilling but Gone Girl is a film that is all that and beyond.

Verdict: Mind Boggling
Rating: 8/10

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