Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil Photos, Posters and More

Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil Review

Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil is a refreshing comedy-drama, directed by Vipin Das and penned by Deepu Pradeep. Featuring a stellar cast including Prithviraj Sukumaran, Basil Joseph, Nikhila Vimal, Anaswara Rajan, and Yogi Babu. The film promised laughter and entertainment for audiences of all ages. The film has received glowing reviews and enthusiastic responses from viewers from Day 1. The film’s witty dialogues, charming performances, and engaging storyline have captivated audiences, earning it a reputation as a must-watch comedy flick.

At the heart of the film lies the delightful chemistry between Prithviraj and Basil Joseph, whose on-screen camaraderie adds depth and charm to the narrative. Their hilarious antics and comedic timing make “Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil” an out-and-out laugh riot, leaving audiences in stitches from start to finish.

Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil
Guruvayoor Ambala Nadayil

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