Happy Birthday Mohanlal!

Mohanlal, an actor who can become any character with unimaginable ease! He is one of the most finest actors in the history of Indian cinema and the most beloved Lalettan to his lakhs of fans in Kerala. A man who was born to play roles par excellence. Here we wish ‘Padma Shree’ ‘Lieutenant Colonel’ ‘Bharath’ Mohanlal a very happy birthday.

To decode the Mohanlal magic is an impossible task. Let it be comedy, mass heroism, sentiments, drama, romance or even mental instability, Mohanlal will make them look real and probably that’s the reason why most of his performances are remembered till date. I have always noticed that in the daily lives of common people, they easily relate many of the natural incidents of life with any of the characters played by Mohanlal. The actor and his characters are so close Malayali lives. He is someone who has impressed various generations. The latest blockbuster Puli Murugan became a sensation among school going kids. And not just in case of fan base but also in account of the box office Mohanlal stands on top.

There are few elements that are only seen in Mohanlal, we may find actors who are good at playing certain range of characters around the globe but Mohanlal doesn’t have an acting metre, he can go to any extend of brilliance. And the most exciting part is that this is not an effort that the actor takes but it naturally comes to him. The climaxes of Kireedam, Sadayam and Pavithram are examples where the actor transported the audience to another mental state with his acting. The actor’s comic timing is also extraordinary, even his tiniest expression can make the viewer fall off his seat with laughter. Mohanlal is an actor who can create chemistry with even a stone, I was stunned while watching Iruvar, this man who doesn’t have the physique of a super model, who doesn’t look like the Bollywood superstars, is romancing Aishwarya Rai, winner of the Miss World title and still look like they are made for each other. He can act and convince that he can become anything and everything! His acting ability won’t let anyone question about his characters.

Words may fall short in writing about Mohanlal. Like many others even I grew up watching this Mohanlal as various characters. Every actor who started acting after Mohanlal will surely be inspired by him and till the date Mohanlal acts in movies he will be the benchmark of acting. The actor is here since almost four decades and 300 films and still the most prestigious upcoming projects are in the his name. Let it be Malayalam cinema’s first 100 crore movie or Indian cinema’s biggest budgeted movie, Mohanlal is in it and only fools would doubt if the actor can live up to expectations. Today, when Villain and Odiyan are in the making and Randaamoozham is all set to go on floors and fans from various corners of the world are celebrating the actor’s birthday, we once again wish Mohanlal happy birthday, good health and a lot more good movies and great characters.

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