Haram (Movie Review)

“Haram” is not just a story about falling in love; it’s about ‘FALLING’ in the truest sense. The characters traverse a rollercoaster of emotions, navigating challenges, happiness, depression, frustration, anger, and, of course, love. Summarizing thoughts about a film can be challenging, especially when the narrative unfolds in such a way that your feelings remain uncertain until the credits roll. “Haram” falls into this category—a film that doesn’t fit neatly into the boxes of good or bad but demands respect for its unconventional script and stellar performances by the lead actors.

A Tapestry of Emotions: Bittersweet Brilliance

While “Haram” may not claim the title of a great movie, it undeniably earns respect for its out-of-the-box script, treatment, and the compelling performances of its lead actors. The bittersweet narrative, woven around sympathetic main characters, successfully captures the complexities of love.

Noteworthy Elements: A Tapestry of Attention-Grabbers

1. ‘Irreconcilable Differences’: A Resonating Phrase

The film introduces us to the concept of ‘irreconcilable differences,’ a phrase that resonates emotionally and adds depth to the narrative, eliciting feelings within the audience whenever it is invoked.

2. Memorable Dialogues: Echoes of Impact

Certain dialogues in “Haram” linger in the mind, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. These impactful lines contribute to the richness of the storytelling.

3. Familiar Faces: Relatable Casting

The casting of the main leads, portraying characters who feel like the ‘people next door,’ adds authenticity to the narrative. This relatable casting works seamlessly to connect the audience with the characters.

4. Cinematic Brilliance: A Visual Feast

The cinematography of “Haram” stands out with impressive frames from the very beginning. Each shot is a visual delight, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

5. Non-Linear Storytelling: A Spanish Flair in Malayalam

The non-linear treatment of the storyline, coupled with unique characters, infuses a touch of Spanish cinema into the Malayalam narrative. This departure from the usual adds an extra layer of intrigue and freshness.

In conclusion, “Haram” may not conform to conventional standards, but its daring approach to storytelling, coupled with strong performances and impactful elements, makes it a film deserving of recognition. This unconventional journey of love is a testament to the diverse and evolving landscape of Malayalam cinema.

Radhika Apte


Without a shred of doubt, Fahad Fazil stands as one of our finest contemporary actors, and in ‘Haram,’ he flawlessly embodies the intense reality of his character. Fazil’s haunting performance serves as the soulful beauty that defines ‘Haram.’ It’s refreshing to witness Fazil’s versatility in embracing diverse roles, from ‘Artist’ to ‘Friday,’ and now, ‘Haram,’ showcasing his acting prowess. Radhika Apte, both beautiful and talented, convincingly portrays the essence of a tech-savvy girl. Her nuanced performance evolves throughout the film, leaving a lasting impact with her beauty and expressive eyes. The supporting cast, including standout performances by Sagarika and Rajsree Deshpande, complements the narrative seamlessly.

Respect for Nonconformity

“Haram” boldly distances itself from the realms of fantasy, choosing the path of realism and straying away from the typical allure of films like ‘Niram’ or ‘Thattathin Marayathu.’ Rather than aiming to entertain, the film stands out by embracing its differences. These distinctive choices are not weaknesses but the very strengths that define the movie.


Similar to its protagonist, ‘Haram’ is not flawless; it grapples with its length and pacing, and at times, it seems to try too hard. The script, while not allowing ample space for the audience to deeply connect with the characters, successfully conveys a story that is both sensitive and believable.

Daring Directorial Leap

Despite its imperfections, ‘Haram’ deserves respect for daring to step outside the conventional boundaries. Director Vinod Sukumaran, with Fahad Fazil in the lead, could have opted for the familiar, but instead, he takes a courageous leap into the unknown, earning respect for breaking free from the usual box.

3 Rating

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