Hichki Hindi Movie (Review): Rushed

Hichki (Review) – A Yash Raj banner film directed by Sidharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma is an inspiring movie, which radiates a lot of information about Tourette syndrome (uncontrolled sound linked with hiccups) a neuropsychiatric disorder, parent’s struggle to give a stable career for their child, discrimination of students based on their status and ability which is visible in the schools nowadays, poor or low class family children’s struggle to fit in the society and much more.

Rani Mukerji as Naina Mathur gives complete justice to the role who suffers from Tourette syndrome but even though with this disorder achieves her dream to be a teacher. Movie begins with Naina’s struggle to get a job as a teacher with the disorder and her struggle to prove her father about her capabilities. In the first half, the movie gives a drive through Naina Mathur’s fight with the disorder while keeping her self-confidence steady, trying to be accepted by the school authority and students as a teacher with neuropsychiatric disorder and how societies react to such people around them.

There is a parallel plot that showcases the students and schools, which follow namesake rule of Right to education for the poor and low class people’s children, which was the same plot of director Sanket Chaudhary’s Hindi Medium staring Irfan Khan & Saba Qamar. Coming back to Hichki, there is a scene where in an interview Naina is asked about her motivation to be a teacher in which she explains about Mr. Khan (Vikram Gokhale) a former principal of the same school who during a school stage program calls out the person who was making sounds and hiccups throughout the program and when Naina is called out on stage.

After which Mr. Khan gives her complete support and understanding about her condition hence, which builds up her self-confidence and inspires her to be one of the same kind. This particular scene includes shows how a child being aware of their disorder tries to control it and how a support and understanding of a good teacher helps to build students bright future.

The movie also says a lot of other things like importance of education, sincerity of the students to teacher and visa versa, how education can be simplified and taught by giving examples of practical day-to-day activities etc. All this is rushed and covered in 1 hour and 56 mins of run time that makes it a bit too much to focus on.

As performance is categorised excluding Rani Mukerji’s outstanding performance, Sachin Pilagaonkar and Supriya Pilgaonkar played the very genuine parents part. Another special mention Neeraj Kabi as Mr. Wadia plays a part of convincing strong teacher as well as Harsh Mayar as Aatish, a stubborn and callous student.

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