How Important Is Promotion To Movies?

The process of creating a movie unfolds in three main stages: pre-production, production (shooting), and post-production. From conceiving a story that translates into a film to its eventual release, movies undergo a series of transformative processes.

Evolution of Movie Marketing

Traditionally, people relied on posters, songs, and the cast to decide which movie to watch. In today’s digital era, the landscape has expanded with social media, allowing audiences to gauge a film’s quality almost instantly. In this context, effective marketing becomes pivotal to a film’s success.

Historical Shifts in Film Promotion

Film promotions began as simple announcements, conveying information about the title, theme, cast, and director. The advent of television brought about a shift, enabling the airing of short promos and songs to entice audiences. As the film industry burgeoned, promotions needed to evolve.

Bigger Thinking in Movie Marketing

With the increasing number of films, marketing strategies had to become more captivating. This evolution in thinking led to the current stage of film promotions. In Bollywood, mainstream films initiate promotions around 40 days before release, featuring grand trailer and song launches, along with star visits to TV shows, malls, and colleges. In the south, promotions often intensify in the final two weeks.

The Art of Selling a Film

Promotion is essentially selling the film to the audience. It must be enticing and captivating, prompting people to venture to the theaters. While big stars enjoy fan-driven hype, not all star vehicles resonate equally with neutral audiences. Every film is unique and requires a tailored promotional approach. An ill-conceived promotion can lead to disaster.

Online promotion for a Malayalam/Tamil film will cost between 6 to 12 lakhs on average.

Strategic Planning by Established Production Houses

Well-established production houses boast proficient marketing teams, meticulously planning each step from the timing of the first look poster release to devising innovative promotional methods. In many cases, promotional activities are outsourced to agencies.

Collaboration with Promotional Agencies

During this process, producers often collaborate with promotional agencies, charting out plans for promoting the film and allocating the necessary budget. Online promotions vary significantly from on-field promotions, with an average cost of 3 to 6 lakhs for online promotion of a Malayalam/Tamil film.

Essentiality of Minimal Promotion

While there are instances of films succeeding solely on word-of-mouth, a minimal level of effective promotion is crucial for any film. A trailer or songs that capture attention can contribute significantly to a film’s success. Basic promotion can be executed within two weeks, providing it manages to garner attention.

The Producers’ Insight and Investment in Marketing

A prudent producer comprehends the importance of film marketing and is willing to invest in it. Awareness of the budget, actors’ remuneration, expected opening, and the appropriate type of promotion required are essential considerations for a producer.

Exemplary Cases of Successful Promotions

Examples such as “Baahubali” and “Kabali” demonstrate that well-executed promotions, even if they match production costs, can result in substantial profits. A balanced promotional strategy can transform an average film into a profitable venture.

Recent Innovations in Film Promotion

Recent years have witnessed innovative promotional strategies. Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan organized an entire dance reality show for “Happy New Year,” while Hrithik Roshan’s “Bang Bang dare” became a hit. In the South, “Baahubali 2” maintained constant excitement with new merchandise and information releases. “Kabali” not only sparked Hollywood interest but also featured historic events like airplane publicity.

Augmented Reality in Film Promotion

A recent and exciting promotional strategy involves Rana Daggubati’s Telugu film “Nene Raju Nene Mantri,” offering audiences the chance to be photographed with Rana and Kajal Aggarwal through Augmented Reality. Uniqueness in promotional tactics leads to increased attention.

Challenges in a Busy Entertainment Landscape

With multiple movie releases every week and busy lifestyles, people need assurance that a film is worth their time and money. Convincing marketing strategies play a pivotal role in drawing audiences to cinemas, ensuring a well-promoted film is already halfway to success.

Significance of Marketing in Modern Filmmaking

While every step in filmmaking is crucial, marketing has become especially pivotal in the modern era, serving as the driving force to fill cinema seats. The success of a film increasingly hinges on its marketing strategy, regardless of whether it features new faces or established superstars.

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