I.V Sasi, Filmmaker (1948 – 2017).

Legendary filmmaker I.V Sasi breathed his last on 24/10/2017 at his residence in Chennai. He had directed over 150 films and his filmography is not just confined to Malayalam but he has made films in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. I.V Sasi has worked with the superstars of all south Indian states and also with big names of Bollywood. The megastars of Malayalam cinema attained their fame majorly through I.V Sasi films. Even though the director’s forte was action films, he directed films in almost all genres. He was married to actress Seema.

I.V Sasi was a man who didn’t just love cinema but he lived and breathed cinema. In his active years he directed 4-6 films a year, there were years where the count was higher. Multi-starers were cakewalks to him, also many of Malayalam cinema’s greatest movies belongs to his credit. He was one of the first filmmakers who had brought a difference in visualizing a script rather than just shooting what’s written, he showed what was the difference between script and direction. He had invented many shots and ways of presenting characters. In the 70’s and 80’s, the audience started to hit the theaters seeing I.V Sasi’s name on the posters and they didn’t even bother to know who acts in the film. He was the first director who proved that the filmmaker is greater than the actors.

“A director should be powerful on set, he should be able to control it and get what he wants. After all everybody is working to shape the movie in the good way” said I.V Sasi in a recent interview. He also said that his assistants used to complain that he is shooting in both day and night and the assistants are not finding time to sleep! “He will be seen in an unbelievable energy once the shooting gets started” remembers Mohanlal.

“I won’t claim that I’m healthy enough to direct a film but I feel alive only when I’m making a movie, cinema is not my job to earn a living but it is what sustains my life.” I.V Said in one of his last public appearance. Angadi, 1921, Avalude Raavukal, Aaroodam, Vaartha, Karimpoovinakkare, Devasuram ect. are some of his most famous works and if you ask what are his best films then I may have to list down a hundred film!

One man, 3 decades, over 150 films – that is I.V Sasi. From the most successful filmmakers to aspiring ones from the ardent movie goers to the ones who watch just 2/3 films a year, all of them respect and are inspired by I.V Sasi. His work is immortal and will continue to inspire every film aspirant till Malayalam cinema exist. We thank him for showing a path of dedication and invincible commitment to cinema and of course a big bunch of extraordinary films. May his soul rest in peace.

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