Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay – The Star Of The Masses!

For South Indian moviegoers immersed in the love for mass masala entertainers, a year feels incomplete without the release of a Vijay film. Whether it’s Pongal or Deepavali, Vijay’s presence adds vibrancy to the festivities, making him a prominent figure in the box office.

Box Office Dynamo

Ilayathalapathi Vijay, only second to Superstar Rajinikanth in box office collections, commands an immense fan base across South India. Regardless of reviews, a Vijay film consistently ranks among the highest grossers in the Tamil Nadu box office every year. In cities like Cochin, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, his movies enjoy prolonged runs in both multiplexes and single screens, securing massive openings.

Magical Appeal

Vijay’s success is not an overnight phenomenon or a result of his director father’s influence. His charismatic appeal is innate and unquantifiable, captivating audiences in a magical way. Over 25 years and 60 films, Vijay has evolved into a formidable force in Tamil Cinema.

Early Beginnings

Vijay’s journey started as a child artist in his father S.A. Chandrashekhar’s films. His lead debut in “Naleya Theerpu” (1992) and subsequent recognition came with the 1996 film “Poove Unakkaga,” directed by Vikraman. Vijay embraced the role of a family hero or lover boy in most films that followed.

Critical Acclaim

The 1997 blockbuster “Kadhalukku Mariyadhai,” directed by Fazil, earned Vijay his first Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actor. “Thulladha Manamum Thullum” (1999) remains one of Vijay’s biggest hits.

Evolution into Action

In the early 2000s, Vijay explored romantic comedies with films like “Kushi” and “Friends.” Transitioning into action with “Badri” and “Tamizha,” he found success at the box office but wasn’t wholly embraced as an action hero. “Thirumalai” in 2003 marked a turning point, establishing Vijay as a mass hero with his impactful fights, punch dialogues, and rugged persona, resonating well with the audience.

Ghilli (2004): A Blockbuster Sensation

In 2004, “Ghilli” emerged as an all-time blockbuster, captivating audiences and running in Tamil Nadu theaters for over 200 days. A remake of the Telugu film “Okkadu,” this movie solidified Vijay’s superstar status.

Establishing Commercial Value: Sachien, Sivakasi, and Pokkiri

Following “Ghilli,” movies like “Sachien” and “Sivakasi” further enhanced Vijay’s commercial value. “Pokkiri” (2007), a remake of the Telugu film with the same title, showcased Vijay’s charismatic screen presence and heroism, earning instant blockbuster status.

Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Transitional Years

While “Azhagiya Tamil Magan” showcased Vijay in a double role, playing both hero and villain, it didn’t meet the anticipated success. Subsequent films like “Kuruvi,” “Villu,” and “Sura” achieved moderate box office success but fell short of being major hits.

Resurgence with Kaavalan and Velayudham

From 2011, Vijay’s fortunes took a positive turn with “Kaavalan,” a remake of the Malayalam film “Bodyguard.” “Velayudham” in 2012 emerged as one of the top-grossing films of the year.

Collaboration with Shankar: Nanban and Thuppakki

Teaming up with critically acclaimed director Shankar for the Tamil remake of “3 Idiots,” titled “Nanban,” Vijay received praise for his acting. “Thuppakki” in 2012, directed by A.R Murugadoss, marked a pivotal moment not just in Vijay’s career but in Tamil cinema. Regarded as the most stylish action film in the industry, it became the third industrial hit after “Sivaji” and “Enthiran.”

Continued Success: Kaththi and Theri

Reuniting with A.R Murugadoss for “Kaththi,” Vijay continued his blockbuster streak, earning acclaim for his stellar performance. “Puli” in 2015 explored the fantasy genre but fell short of expectations. However, “Theri” (2016) became Tamil Nadu’s biggest blockbuster after “Kabali,” even surpassing it at the Chennai box office.

2017’s Pongal Hit: Bairavaa

In 2017, “Bairavaa” during the Pongal season solidified Vijay’s superhit status, adding another feather to his illustrious career.

The Vassol Mannan: A Dialogue That Rings True

In his last release, “Bairavaa,” a memorable dialogue captures the essence of Vijay’s success. When asked if he’s the king of collections, Vijay humbly replies that he doesn’t know, but the people are saying so. Records affirm that indeed, Vijay is the ‘Vassol Mannan’—the king of collections.

Charm and Specialties: A Perfect Blend

Known for his adorable demeanor and captivating smile, Vijay possesses unique qualities that endear him to fans. His exceptional comic timing sets him apart, making him one of the few heroes who excel in comedy. Often compared to Rajnikanth, Vijay handles comedy effortlessly. His impeccable dancing skills are a delight, eagerly anticipated in every film. With heroines, he effortlessly creates on-screen chemistry, resonating well with the audience.

Children’s Favorite: A Magical Connection

A significant portion of Vijay’s fan base comprises children who are drawn to him inexplicably. Children emulate his style, dance moves, and even mimic him, contributing to the widespread fanfare.

Public Persona: The People’s Brother

Since the early 2010s, Vijay has minimized interviews, making appearances mainly at audio launches and award functions. Despite this, his public appearances turn into grand events. Fans don’t merely see him as an actor; Vijay is embraced as a brother. Known for his calm and down-to-earth nature, he dresses modestly and always sports a warm smile, yet exudes a star presence when he enters a room.

Charismatic Star: Ilayathalapathi’s Endearing Presence

Affectionately referred to as Ilayathalapathi, Vijay embodies the inbuilt charisma that captivates people. His star power is undeniable, and his simplicity and humility contribute to his enduring popularity.

Mass Appeal: Deserving of Adoration

Being a star of the masses is a challenging feat, and Vijay rightfully deserves his position as he consistently lives up to the expectations of his fans. Whether loved or criticized, a year is incomplete without a Vijay film—an unequivocal testament to his enduring success.

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