I Movie Review: A romantic journey of dance and music, through heavenly world disturbed by revenge and betrayal.

I is a movie which is out of box for S Shankar. This is not his usual grand big stories like Mudhalvan or Indian or Endhiran but it is more like Kadhalan and Jeans. I is a romantic – revenge drama. A romantic journey of dance and music, through heavenly world disturbed by revenge and betrayal.

Vikram in three get-ups, actually – local body builder, a ramp-walk model and the hunchback. He outshines everybody else in the film. It is great to see an actor working this hard for a character. They have Christian Bale and Tom Hanks, and we have Kamal Haasan and Vikram. Thanks to Shankar for bringing the talent in Vikram back. When was the last time we saw somebody using his performance like this? Few years back, AL Vijay in Deiva Thirumagal and long back Shankar’s own Anniyan, Bala’s Pithamagan, Sethu etc… Here, in I, Vikram simply steals the show. Vikram is the only man in this film who can say “I am the I”. Amy Jackson, the surprising gift from Shankar. She is beautiful. She is cute. She is sexy. She is gorgeous. Suresh Gopi looks convincing than all other villains mainly because others look like alien. Anyway, the national award winner has done justice to the character within the limited scope he had to shine. His dialog ‘Adhakkum Mele’ created roars in theatre. Others are okiesh.

What you say about visual beauty of the film? It is absolutely awesome. Amazing clothing, colors, music score, action choreography and special effects. It is a treat to your eyes on screen. Watch it in big screen with high quality sound, you will enjoy the beauty. The lighting and colors itself reflects the name of the director of photography. PC Sreeram, the magnificent. Just look at the lighting of ‘Ennody Nee Irunthaal…’ song, the beauty of China sequences, the ‘Aila Aila..’ song, and the Maniratnamsque ‘Pookkalai Sattru Oivedungal..’. Marvellous.

The music. AR Rahman. He never failed to impress. I couldn’t even remember the background sound track in the first half, it just was like a passing cloud but the score in the second half – with romantic touch was so moving and haunting. ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal…’ song and the same track in background few times towards the ending was awesome. Especially the end title – ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal..’ Reprise version of Chinmayi was classy and emotional. You cannot walk out of the theatre without watching and listening it. The moment ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal…’ song starts, we feel we missed this in the first half.

What is the weakest aspect in the movie? 1. The villains. The characterisation of the villain characters are very weak plus the sluggish comedy-scenes added to them. 2. The only negative point of Shankar which is following him from his first movie, Gentleman, is the comedy scenes which looks slapstick and very much avoidable. Eg: Vadivelu comedy scenes in Mudhalvan, Koundamani, Manisha Koirala comedy scenes in Indian, Santhanam and Karunas comedy scenes with ‘Chitti’ character in Endhiran… etc. Only ‘Nanban’ escaped from this. In I also, the comedy scenes of Santhanam looks so poor in taste and unnecessary. The scenes of Santhanam at key moments was just cheesy. Removal of ten minutes comedy scenes itself will make the film far better than what it is now.

AR Rahman’s BGM and Songs.
Grand Visuals.
Fight sequences.

Weak characterisation of villain characters.
Avoidable inserts of comedy scenes.
Three hours long.

Overall it is beautiful, but something is lacking script wise. Anyhow, I is a definite one time watch in theatres for the grand visuals, songs, Amy and Vikram. Not Shankar’s best nor of Vikram’s. Even at the worst of Shankar, the I is far superior to most of the movies released recently. The beautiful actors, beautifully bright costumes, with Rahman’s music and landscapes will take you on a wonderful journey. I isn’t a great movie but it’s greatly crafted.

Rating: 3.5/5

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