I Movie Review: A journey of music, revenge and betrayal.

I is a movie which is out of box for S Shankar. This is not his usual grand big stories like Mudhalvan or Indian or Endhiran but it is more like Kadhalan and Jeans. I is a romantic – revenge drama. A romantic journey of dance and music, through heavenly world disturbed by revenge and betrayal.

Impressive Transformations: Vikram’s Triumphant Portrayals in ‘I’

Vikram takes on three distinctive roles – a local bodybuilder, a ramp-walk model, and a hunchback – and excels in each, outshining the rest of the cast. Witnessing an actor invest such dedication into a character is truly commendable. In the league of performers like Christian Bale and Tom Hanks, we have our own gems in Kamal Haasan and Vikram. Kudos to Shankar for resurrecting Vikram’s talent. When was the last time we witnessed a performance utilized so brilliantly? Perhaps in AL Vijay’s “Deiva Thirumagal” a few years back or in Shankar’s classics like “Anniyan,” Bala’s “Pithamagan,” and “Sethu.” In “I,” Vikram unquestionably steals the spotlight, proclaiming, “I am the I.” Amy Jackson, a delightful surprise from Shankar, graces the screen with her beauty, cuteness, and allure.

Suresh Gopi stands out among the villains, appearing more convincing than others who seem alien. The national award winner does justice to his role, and his impactful dialogue, ‘Adhakkum Mele,’ resonates with thunderous applause in the theaters. While others deliver adequate performances, Vikram remains the standout in this cinematic endeavor.

Sensory Splendor: A Visual and Musical Extravaganza in ‘I’

What are your thoughts on the visual splendor of the film? It’s truly awe-inspiring. The exquisite costumes, vibrant hues, enchanting musical score, expertly choreographed action sequences, and top-notch special effects create a visual spectacle on the screen. To fully immerse yourself in this cinematic experience, catch it on a large screen with high-quality sound, and you’ll truly marvel at its beauty. The lighting and color schemes themselves reflect the brilliance of the director of photography, PC Sreeram. Just witness the lighting in the ‘Ennody Nee Irunthaal…’ song, the allure of the China sequences, the ‘Aila Aila…’ song, and the Maniratnam-esque ‘Pookkalai Sattru Oivedungal…’. It’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, let’s delve into the music. AR Rahman. He never disappoints. While the background soundtrack in the first half may have seemed fleeting, the score in the second half, with its romantic undertones, is both poignant and haunting. The ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal…’ song and its recurring background track towards the ending are truly remarkable. Particularly notable is the end title – the Reprise version of ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal…’ sung by Chinmayi; it’s elegant and emotionally resonant. You won’t want to leave the theater without experiencing it visually and aurally. Once the ‘Ennodu Nee Irunthaal…’ song begins, you’ll feel like you missed something significant in the first half.

What stands out as the film’s weakest aspect?

  1. The villains. The characterization of the villainous characters is notably weak, exacerbated by the inclusion of sluggish comedy scenes.
  2. A consistent drawback in Shankar’s films since his debut, ‘Gentleman,’ is the inclusion of comedy scenes that come across as slapstick and largely unnecessary. For instance, Vadivelu’s comedic moments in ‘Mudhalvan,’ Koundamani and Manisha Koirala’s scenes in ‘Indian,’ and the Santhanam and Karunas comedy sequences with the ‘Chitti’ character in ‘Endhiran,’ among others. Only ‘Nanban’ managed to escape this trend. In ‘I’ as well, the comedy scenes featuring Santhanam appear tasteless and unnecessary. Removing these ten minutes of comedy would undoubtedly enhance the overall quality of the film.

AR Rahman’s BGM and Songs.
Grand Visuals.
Fight sequences.

Weak characterisation of villain characters.
Avoidable inserts of comedy scenes.
Three hours long.

Overall it is beautiful, but something is lacking script wise. Anyhow, I is a definite one time watch in theatres for the grand visuals, songs, Amy and Vikram. Not Shankar’s best nor of Vikram’s. Even at the worst of Shankar, the I is far superior to most of the movies released recently. The beautiful actors, beautifully bright costumes, with Rahman’s music and landscapes will take you on a wonderful journey. I isn’t a great movie but it’s greatly crafted.

Rating: 3.5/5

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