Jency… A rainbow voice of both Joy and pain blended

The profound impact of Jency madam’s voice transcends moods, evoking joy in happiness and revealing poignant depths in sorrow. Timeless classics like “Dheiveega Raagam,” “Idhayam Pogudhey,” “En Vaanilay,” and “Kaadhal Oviyam” stand as golden examples of her versatile talent.

A Remarkable Encounter with Jency Madam

A few years ago, while collaborating with Srikanth Deva on a film’s soundtrack, a serendipitous realization occurred – all the reference songs suggested for the movie were sung by Jency madam. This sparked the idea to approach her for our composition. After locating her, we were astonished to learn that nearly eighteen years had passed since her last recording.

Jency Madam’s Return

Upon our request, Jency madam graciously agreed to lend her divine voice to our song. The shy-natured nightingale mesmerized us with her enchanting rendition, becoming a nostalgic companion for many loners and a catalyst for cherished memories.

Mahendran Sir’s Directorial Insight

During a break in recording, as I coaxed her into singing more numbers, Jency madam shared a revelation about my father, Director Mahendran. In the early days, Mahendran sir would visit the voice room, providing extensive insights into the script, character nuances, and the song’s situational context. This profound involvement in guiding the singer went beyond the mere tune and lyrics.

A Lost Tradition

This revelation shook me as a director, realizing that such detailed interactions between directors and singers were once a norm. In today’s fast-paced industry, singers often lack the opportunity to meet the music director or lyricist, let alone the director. The disconnect between singers and the cinematic context has inevitably impacted the enduring resonance of contemporary songs.

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